Egg My Yard Delivers Easter Magic While You Sleep

April 7, 2019 | by rebecca stewart

updated March 9, 2020

It’s fair to say that Easter doesn’t come with quite the same hullabaloo as Christmas. The season, you might think, is less harried, yet, it’s spring. Spring, for many families, is synonymous with non-stop running. From one field/track/gym to one practice/game or another. It’s a busy time with overflowing to-do lists. So, what if you could take one off your plate? Let’s say, for example, handing the Easter Bunny duties off to another?

Intriguing, yes?

Meet: Egg My Yard. This local, specialized service is the brain child of now high school seniors Madison Martinez and Abby Sparks, Egg My Yard launched in 2018, “egging” 30 yards their first year. With other commitments needing her attention, Abby stepped down from the friends’ business, leaving Madison as the sole owner and operator. The daughter of business owners, Madison has appreciated the advice and business connections her parents – owners of Millennium Painters – have offered her in this venture. 

Having noticed some holiday procrastination in her own parents and her mom’s out-loud thinking that someone should start pre-filling eggs, the idea, says Madison, for Egg My Yard was born. 

How it works

Parents can choose a package of 20 eggs for $20, 50 eggs for $40, or a customized order. Madison and the team of girls she has recruited to help her egg yards on Easter Eve prepare, deliver, and hide the Easter eggs in your yard so you don’t have to. Not only does it take that time-consuming task off your to-do list, but it adds to the magic the Easter Bunny brings to the basket.

Upon egging your yard, you’ll receive a text with a photo letting you know your yard has been egged.

Get the egg rolling by calling 855.2280, or hopping by their Facebook page

In the midst of her second year in business, Madison shares that if last year was about growing their business, this year is all about keeping their clients happy. She’s been offering more deals and giveaways, working to help customers customize their packages.

After the Egg My Yard team worked through the night last year, Madison recalls how amazing it was to wake up to “all the awesome reviews that morning.” Being able to see the videos and photos families posted, enjoying the holiday together, was incredible. 

Looking forward, Madison has a few ideas up her sleeves that would take them beyond their Easter services, so “keep your eyes peeled,” she teases. More immediately, she’s looking forward to celebrating her sister’s birthday, which falls two days after Easter this year, from there it’s all about relaxing and enjoying her final months as a high school student.

Though she might have graduated from Billings Senior High School, Madison and the Egg My Yard team love bringing magic to the Magic City, and she has no plans of closing Egg My Yard.

Never has having your yard egged looked so good. In the words of Egg My Yard, “Have an Eggtastic Easter!” 

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