Easy Easter Basket Ideas

by Savannah Traywick and Stephanie Toews

Easter is just around the corner! And spring is finally upon us. With the snow fading to memory, it may be time to think about your Easter plans. Whether you will be attending church or spending time with family, here are some Easter basket ideas for all ages.


As we know, kids LOVE sugar! A fun way to spice up a child’s Easter basket is not just to give them the classic chocolate bunnies, but also to find their favorite candies and sprinkle them in among the bunnies! For younger kids, finding a smaller toy they have been wanting, a craft to do together, an Easter-themed book (or one that’s been on their wish list), or a stuffed animal are great options if you don’t want to go heavy on candy this year. But don’t worry; if a toy isn’t an option, candy never disappoints! 


For older kids, candy is also always a solid plan, but this is a great opportunity to put your vast knowledge of your kids to work and give them a little something they will really appreciate. Some ideas may be cash, gift cards, mini products, movie tickets, or a gag gift that will make them laugh! For a girl teen it could be makeup, nail polish, perfume, lip balm, jewelry, or facemasks. For boys you could throw in sunglasses, beef jerky, chips, a hat, headphones, or cologne. Easter baskets aren’t about the gifts or candy, but the meaning behind it, so knowing what will bless them, or something small they have been wanting, is a great way to communicate you care.

Or...maybe you go in another direction entirely. 


An adult Easter basket can go different ways. Along with the candy, you could choose a theme that they enjoy. They may like the color pink, cooking, fancy chocolate, or go with a special occasion basket. A special occasion basket could be for a friend, girlfriend or boyfriend, or spouse. Some ideas for a special occasion could be a movie night basket, the basket is full of popcorn, candy, and the movie or tickets. Or if they love to cook, you could fill the basket with a new recipe book, a cute apron or specific ingredients for a meal you could help them prepare. For a more personal touch, you could also write them a letter about how grateful you are for them, using the basket as a good date idea. 

Easter is about hope and gratefulness. It is a beautiful time to give other people gifts because we were given the gift of new life. It is a time to celebrate life by spending time with family, enjoying the sunshine and smelling the blossoming flowers. It is a time to reflect on everything we have. The bigger meaning of Easter is not the gifts, but the people.

So get out there, enjoy the sunshine and love on those close to you!

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