Easter Basket Redefined

A few years ago, I got overwhelmed with Christmas. Not the season itself, but the entire gift giving, shopping part. Kids were little and newly minted grandparents just loved spoiling them and it seemed that we had a toy overload. So as new parents, we branched out and started creating some of our own traditions for the holidays. It started ahead of the Christmas season in the form of our own version of an Advent Calendar. Except, I didn’t want just a regular Advent calendar with a little chocolate inside. After some brainstorming, we came up with our Christmas season celebration. We started on December first with little numbered boxes and kids would open a box each morning to find a little treat or a note. The end goal was to get a little celebration/family time each day leading up to the Christmas, making the entire season fun. It was a hit from day one. Cue the creation of the Easter version. 

Last year I decided to make an Easter version of our Christmas calendar - Easter eggs included. Easter eggs are perfect for hiding a little clue to be opened each day. I am also big time into recycling, so I loved repurposing old egg cartons to hold the eggs.

Getting Started

  • Count the days backwards from Easter in the amount of eggs you choose.
  • Once you have the container and paint it in any color you wish, pick enough plastic eggs to fill it. 
  • Now, let imagination take over for daily projects to be opened by children. Here are a few ideas that I have used previously:

1)     “Yes” day. This is by far the most favorite treat of our children. They even ask for it for their birthdays and always have one in their Advent calendars. In summary, each child that has a “Yes Day certificate” gets to choose a day ahead of time and we are all supposed to say “yes” to their wishes that day. Perhaps you’re wondering, no restrictions at all?! Well, we started it with our kids when they were so young that they didn’t know any better, so they never asked for “iPads” or something very expensive. It was always that recipient gets to pick all meals for the day and that is a big deal for them. Sometimes we cook at home, occasionally they would ask to go to their favorite restaurant. Recipient gets to pick activities for the day, too. Most of the time it is playdate with a friend they picked or going to the trampoline park, etc. You are welcome to add some restrictions to fit your family or budget.

2)     Activity - Let your imagination and your family’s favorites guide you here. I usually have several activity days in the calendar. Some examples would be going swimming at the water park, Zoo, going to play at the park, skiing, skating, theater, show, movies, etc.

3)     Scavenger hunt leading to a little present. If I find some cute gift that would not quite fit into an egg, I just leave a clue in the egg leading them to next clue and then the next until they find a little gift. It could be a little toy or chocolate bar. Usually it is the scavenger hunt that matters the most.

4)     Sometimes I leave some money for the days I can’t come up with anything creative. Usually it is to be used at their discretion, maybe a $5 bill or I would combine it with a note that it is to be spent at a place of their choice or suggest something like Candy Town USA.

5)     This one is my favorite note to leave in the egg, “Think of a person today. Secretly do something really really nice for him/her. Make sure to be very secretive!”

Happy Easter! Enjoy creating new traditions!