Winter Craft: Coat Hanger Snowflakes

December 12, 2019 | by b davis

Christmas time is here and that means the cold and snow are back. If the kids are complaining that it is too cold to play outside, then now is a great time to make some easy winter crafts together. These coat hanger snowflakes are cheap to make, a breeze to put together and the perfect outdoor décor for this holiday season.


  • Baby coat hangers (buy from the dollar store, they sell 7-packs. You’ll need 16 hangers per snowflake)
  • Zip Ties (you’ll need 16 zip ties per snowflake. You can also find these at the dollar store)
  • Scissors


1.      Start with 2 hangers and place them as pictured. This is what I will call the “basic pair.” Make sure that the hooks of ALL of the clothes hangers face the same way!

2.      Continue with the same pairing of clothing hangers to complete the first layer.

3.      4 pairs of hangers later and your 1st layer is complete. Use the same base pair to begin layer 2, which is placed directly on top on the 1st layer. DO NOT zip tie your snowflake until BOTH layers are assembled.

4.      Align 2 hangers again to form your “base pair”. Place them on top of 2 hangers from the 1st layer, with the hooks of the hangers lining up with the bottom of the hangers in the 1st layer. Again, make sure ALL hangers face the same way. 

5.      Continue adding pairs of hangers as directed, until you have 8 hangers creating layer 2, on top of your 8 hangers that make up layer 1. 

6.      The overall base of your snowflake is now complete, and ready for zip ties. Starting with the center, place a zip tie at each place 4 hangers meet. You should use 8 zip ties for the center circle, and 8 for the outer circle. Each zip tie should hold 4 hangers.

7.      Be sure NOT to tighten the zip ties all the way, until ALL 16 zip ties have been placed. This will allow you to adjust and reposition your snowflake as needed.

8.      Begin slowly tightening the zip ties in the center. Adjusting your snowflake as needed, try to keep the hangers in the same layer from overlapping. You want to keep your hangers as flat as possible so that your end product will lie nicely. Move along to the outer layer and tighten zip ties.

9.      Once all 16 have been tightened, trim your zip ties. 

For demonstration purposes I went with pink and blue hangers as it is easier to see the pattern. However, these snowflakes can be made with whichever colors you would like. If you would like to make them fancier, you can add lights or poinsettia. Be sure to hang them up to show them off!

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