Bedroom Makeover: From Kid to Tween/Teen

May 28, 2019| by savannah traywick

Your bedroom says a lot about you, whether it’s the color, lighting, styles, artwork, knick-knacks or, decorations. These things can all add a personal touch. Giving your tween the chance to add their ideas and bring their personality to the table when transitioning from the kid stage of a room to the tween or teen stage can be a super fun process!

When embarking on a bedroom makeover of your child's room, a great way to get started is to, first, talk about their own personal style. Have a conversation about what they are or aren’t into anymore. Usually a kid’s room color was picked by the parents and now is a good time to get their input on what color themes they've been dreaming of. Giving them more independence when choosing décor, colors or furniture will help keep the transition fun and help them feel more involved.

Once the colors are chosen, and the walls are painted, you can begin to accessorize the walls with things like a mirror, a shelf, or a special saying your tween likes. Framing photos also helps to add a personal feel and can be great if you want to make a photo wall of memories with friends and family. When it comes to décor, clearing older pictures and then bringing in new pieces can bring a whole new look to the space. New artwork is fun to look for. Have fun moving it around to see where it would look best on the walls!

It is also important, when redoing a room, to provide space to get rid of things. You want to set them up for success by helping them organize and feel excited in the newer space, rather than continuing to be weighed down by the same messes, just with a fresh coat of paint. This bedroom makeover is the time to take a serious look at the toys and books; deciding what they are ready to release (hello Garage Sale money-makers!). Labeling drawers or bins can help you go through and get rid of extra clothes, toys, stuffed animals, or supplies. If you're the sentimental type, give them a box/tote to house the specials that they'd like to keep, but don't necessarily want to display any longer. 

Storage is essential to any tween or teens room, and can help in avoiding big messes. A desk is a great addition to a tween or teen room. This can be used for studying, storage, and a place to read or draw. A comfy chair can also add an element that lets them know their room is more like their “mini home." They want to take care of it and should feel proud in being in their room. Providing some “adult” accessories like new bedding or new elegant lamp fixtures will also help change the room.

This transitioning to a legit "big kid" room can be a bittersweet thing, but it is also an exciting time. It is a great opportunity to continue teaching them to take care of their things and to take care of what they own. Before you know it, they'll truly be out on their own, taking care of their own space, and this is the time to be reinforcing the necessity of caring for their things and taking responsibility of their space.

So sit back and be proud of the room you have created and the tween you are raising in it.

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