DIY Customizable LEGO Monogram

June 5, 2015 | by stephanie toews

LEGOs are a favorite in our home! I love that my kids are creatively playing whenever they bring them out. That’s where the inspiration for this LEGO monogram came from. This is a project that’s super fun for kids and dads to work on together. You can easily re-create this in whatever letter you would like using all those LEGOs you would otherwise vacuum up (or find painfully underfoot).

LEGO Monogram How-to:

Materials needed:

  • Wooden standing letter approximately 9” high
  • Flat Lego plate (We used two smaller ones)
  • Legos and Minifigure
  • Sharpie
  • Double sided square foam adhesives
  • Small hacksaw and wire cutters


  1. Trace the outline of the wooden letter onto the flat LEGO plate with a sharpie.
  2. Using the hacksaw and wire cutters cut out the letter shape in the flat LEGO plate. (Make sure Dad or Mom does this step.)
  3. Apply square, foam stickers all over the top of the wooden letter. This will give the letter a 3D look.
  4. Adhere the Lego plate to the wooden letter.
  5. Now comes the fun part arranging the LEGOs and Minifigure on the base. Your kids can easily change them out whenever they wish.

That’s it! Whether you’re using the Monogram as decoration for your playroom wall, child’s bedroom or just a fun, customized toy for your kids, it’s sure to be a household hit! I can’t wait to make one for my daughter using her LEGO Friends pieces. (These would make great gifts for the kid who has way too many LEGO sets to keep track of).