Summer 2021 Eyebrow Trends for Working Women

July 29, 2021

by sofia lockhart, guest contributor

Working women know that the day is just not long enough to manage everything. There are so many big and little things you need to tackle throughout the day, and your eyebrows are just one of them. Luckily for all the busy women out there, the trend for this summer is the more natural the better

All Natural Everything 

If you are blessed with rich eyebrow hair, we have good news for you - maintaining them has never been easier. Just leave them the way they are and you will look super trendy. If there are some extra hairs bothering you, pluck them away. Use brow gel if you want to hold the brow hairs in one place and if you don’t want them to look tangled. 

Fluffy Brows

photo by Taylor Heery via Unsplash

The most popular trend this summer is fluffy brows. In order to achieve this look, you need to let your natural brows grow out. This means to stay out of tweezers for a couple of weeks. 

You can make your natural brows look richer and fluffier, and are way more flattering and trendy, with different brow products. To add more volume to your brows, use your favorite brow mascara and brush them up. Add a brow gel to keep brow hairs up. 

And If You Have Sparse Brows…

It is hard to shape and define sparse brows. One option is to fill them in with a pencil, but that way they will get a powdery effect. So, one of the options is to go for super popular microblading eyebrows treatment. 

People around the world are crazy about this treatment because it gives them the chance to have perfectly shaped, natural-looking eyebrows at all times. 

Microblading to the Rescue

The treatment is done with a manual tool that is dipped into a pigment. It makes small incisions, and the pigment is inserted under the skin. The result is natural-looking hair strokes, not so different from the real ones. 

Ecaterina Cioban, the owner of PhiBrows Canada Microblading Academy, says that the popularity of microblading is still growing. It is a great chance to have trendy, low-maintenance eyebrows.

Soap Brows

This is an interesting way to style your eyebrows. You need a spoolie brush and a clear soap. Run the brush through the soap and go through the eyebrows. They will be lifted and stay up. This way, you will achieve fuller and fluffier brows, and thick, defined arches with uplifted brow hairs fixed perfectly in place.

If you don’t have time to do this every morning, there is a more time-saving solution. Brow lamination is a treatment offered by many salons nowadays. A chemical solution is used to lift the eyebrow hair and fixate them in an upwards position, so the arches appear thicker. It lasts for up to 6 weeks and really looks great.

Straight Brows

Made popular by Kendall Jenner, straight brows are the ultimate trend of this summer. They are especially flattering for people with an oval face shape. So, the tail of the brow is lifted. It is usually done by plucking the downwards eyebrow hairs of the tail or even shaving them, in order to get rid of the arch. 

After that, you need to fill your eyebrows with makeup, basically by drawing the tail. If you like the trend, you can again opt for a more permanent solution and choose a permanent makeup treatment for your eyebrows, such as microblading. 

Thin Brows

Even though big bushy brows have been super trendy for years now, there are some people that just don’t like them. Also, it is completely normal that they are not for every face shape and that some people look more attractive with thin brows.

When you hear thin brows, the first association may be overplucked '90s brows. However, modern thin brows are nothing like that. They are more natural and thicker than those, but not as fluffy and big as bold brows. 

Some celebrities, like Bella Hadid, look great with this brows style, and if you like it, don’t be afraid that they will look old-fashioned. They are totally trendy this summer. 

Powder Brows 

Powder brows or their variation, ombre powder brows with a light head and dark tail, are so loved among busy working women, especially those who wear makeup every day. Those who regularly fill in their brows with a pencil found a low-maintenance solution for great brows every day.

Powder brow tattoo is a modern version of eyebrow tattoo and uses pigments instead of ink. The brows get a powdery effect as if you drew them with a pencil. They don’t come off when you wash your face, sweat, or swim. On top of that, they look natural and always perfectly defined, to frame your face.

This summer, the trend of full brows is still the most popular. Also, permanent makeup procedures such as above mentioned microblading and powder brows are growing in popularity, especially among working women. After these treatments, you can have perfectly defined and full brows for months and you don’t need to spend any time doing them during your morning routine. 

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