4 Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy Every Day, Even During the Pandemic

August 26, 2020 | by kevin gardner, guest contributor

Doing what you can to stay healthy has always been important. And with everyday life being much different than it used to be due to the pandemic, staying healthy and boosting your immunity is even more critical than ever. If you have a family to take care of, you know what a big responsibility it is to stay on top of everyone's health. While it's a tall order, it doesn't need to be complicated. Keep reading for four things you can do each day to keep everyone in fighting shape.

1.) Try Essential Oils 

If you haven't dabbled with essential oils yet, now is a great time. While many people might think that they're just for fragrance or relaxation, there's so much more than that waiting in each tiny bottle. There are several blends by Young Living essential oils that are considered to be purifying or immune boosting; both great benefits for this season of life. What you learn about different oils, their benefits and ways to use them will probably surprise you so make it a point to do plenty of research before diving in. For instance, there are some oils that aren't considered safe for young children, elderly family members, or pets. However, essential oils can be very beneficial for overall health and wellness when navigated correctly and safely.

2.) Make Every Meal Count

For many families, pandemic life has meant more time spent at home. With this comes more time for snacking or indulging than ever before. While there's nothing wrong with that here and there, you're asking for trouble if it becomes the norm. Making sure the snacks and meals you provide are healthy and balanced will go a long way in maintaining everyone's overall health. This is also a great time to supplement with a multivitamin or immune-boosting Vitamin C or Zinc, especially if you've got a picky eater (or two) in the house.

3.) Get Up and Move

Did you know that exercising is a really effective way to ward off illness? By gathering the family and hitting the nature trail or hopping on your bikes for an after-dinner ride, you'll not only experience some fun family time, you'll be strengthening everyone's immune systems, too. There are several theories as to why exercise is so beneficial for staying healthy, and the best part is you don't need to overdo it to reap the benefits. 30 minutes of activity most days of the week will cut it. And during this time, who doesn't have 30 minutes to spare?

4.) Stay Current With Your Appointments

Since this pandemic began, have you been putting your family's wellness (or other) appointments on the back burner? While it's tempting to want to stay home and basically as far away from medical or dental facilities as possible, please don't. If you're concerned about your family's safety, make a phone call to discuss preventative measures that have been put in place so as to set your mind at ease. Making sure your family members are getting the necessary medical care to keep themselves healthy is one of the most important things you can do. Whether it's your daughter's upcoming vaccines, your spouse's routine blood work , or your annual skin cancer screening — you should consider it non-negotiable, regardless of the current situation.

While these are definitely nerve wracking times, try to take comfort knowing that there are things you can do to keep your family healthy and safe every day. It might mean you decide to try alternative ways to stay healthy, or that you're more conscious of certain things such as overall diet and exercise. Maybe you've decided to pick up the phone and reschedule those appointments that were cancelled months ago. Every little thing you do will go a long way in keeping your family (and you) healthy.

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