National Dress Up Your Pet Day

January 8, 2020 | by katie jones backer

Are you the type of pet parent who dresses up your pets? Or did you just roll your eyes at this headline? I know, I know, dressing up pets isn’t for everyone, but allow us this one day to go all out! National Dress Up Your Pet Day (January 14) is a fun day to dress up your pet, show them off on social media, and support the pet fashion community.

Nowadays there is everything from a sparkly collar, printed bandana to high fashion dog clothing. And pet owners - specifically millennials - are driving that demand. “Buying clothes for their pets is increasingly popular, with 60% of millennials saying they are likely to buy sweaters, coats, dresses and other fashion for their pets,” according to Forbes.

Sure, some of it is, yes, just frivolity. I mean that pun shirt at PetSmart is pretty funny, and the cute parka at Dee-O-Gee is a must, right!? And don’t get me started on Halloween, you know those costumes are adorable and allow for your pet to be part of the fun too! But other times, whether you like the idea of throwing a sweater on your pup or not, it’s just the right thing to do... especially during winter in Montana. Those below zero temperatures are way too cold for our little ones (and less furry big ones) and investing in one (or ten) sweaters can help when they go outside for those brief moments during the extreme weather.

However, you have to keep your pet’s personality and behaviors in mind. Some become more timid and uncomfortable wearing outfits, while some love it! I have two Pomeranians with very different opinions on clothing. My four-pound little boy loves wearing a sweater, especially when it’s freezing outside. It doesn’t seem to bother him at all. He never tugs or bites at it or anything. He just goes about his day totally normal. My little girl on the other hand can’t stand wearing costumes or clothing. She will just mope around with the SADDEST dog eyes, if ever forced to wear an outfit. So, we really don’t make her wear anything… except for an occasional picture or two or if it’s below zero degrees.

Some tips to keep in mind from National Day Calendar are:

  • If your pet just doesn’t like dressing up, let them sit this holiday out.
  • Be sure it fits. Restricting movement or ability to breathe can cause injury or illness.
  • Many pets like to chew. Avoid loose or dangling pieces which can cause choking hazards.

So, if your pet is up for it, put on their “Sunday best” and blast social media on January 14 using the hashtag: #DRESSUPYOURPETDAY! And tag us in your posts @SimplyFamilyMagazine or @SimplyLocalBillings! We want to see your pet pics!!

Now, all I need to do is go find something to put on my tortoise… you did roll your eyes, didn’t you!? 

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