Family Date Night Ideas

November 8, 2019 | by amanda ryan

Spending time together as a family is super important, but it can be easy to run out of “family date night” ideas. You’ve went to the zoo, the park, and the movies, so what should you do now?

When it comes to planning unique family date night ideas, you just need to put on your creativity hat and get thinking. The more unique you can get, the better!

So, to start you off on your family date night activity search, we came up with 5 ideas for you!

Here they are: 

5 Family Date Night Ideas

1. Cook a Nice Dinner at Home Together

I have found that cooking is one of the best ways to bond as a family. Cooking encourages everyone to work together to achieve a goal; a delicious recipe! When each family member has a specific responsibility, they know that their part is going to have an impact on everyone else. Cooking as a family encourages teamwork and communication.

Not only will this date night idea help your family form a closer bond but cooking together is also a blast! There’s just something so fun about making a big, delicious mess in the kitchen with the people you love.

2. Have a Craft Night

Crafts are such a fun go-to when it comes to family time. Why? Because you can create anything you want! Your possibilities are endless, and what is more enjoyable than letting your creative juices flow alongside your family members?

Plan your crafts around the season or holidays that are coming up or have a theme for the week. Thanksgiving is coming up, so why not make some little paper turkeys, or a basket of thankful thoughts? On top of having a season or holiday to pull inspiration from, have a theme set up for the materials you will use.

Clay this week, paper the next, paint after that, your kiddos will look so forward to playing with new materials!

3. Set Up a Fort and Watch a Movie

A family movie night is a blast on its own, but do you know what would kick it up a notch? A family movie night inside a fort.

Kids love building forts. It allows them to be creative with the layout and the materials. Plus, they can use their imagination to stage any scenario they like.

Rather than letting your little ones have all the fun, get involved in the fort craze! Ask your kiddos what you can do to help and act as their assistants in helping their vision come to life.

Grab a laptop or tablet, an awesome movie, a bowl of popcorn, and tons of pillows and blankets to kick off your family movie night.

4. Volunteer at a Local Organization

While this may not be your first idea when thinking of a “fun” family activity, helping out for a great cause can actually be a ton of fun. Volunteering gives you and your family the opportunity to meet new people, all while helping out.

Take turns deciding which organization you will get involved in, so everyone has a part in this family date night idea. While one week you are handing out letters at your local nursing home, the next you can participate in a fundraiser for the humane society.

There’s no shortage of people who need the help of generous families, so why not make one of these your family?

So, there you have it! 4 date night activities that you can do as a family. There’s no shortage of fun here, just like there’s no shortage of quality family time.

holiday bonus... 

5. Cookie Baking/Decorating Day

The holiday season is upon us now, but should you stumble upon this blog in the middle of summer, the sentiment stands. Much like cooking the family dinner together, there is something special about working together in the kitchen to create sweet treats - especially if there is frosting involved. 

Carving out the time for a family baking day is a must-do for the holiday season. Honestly, it's even better if you get the WHOLE family involved. I'm talking grandmas, cousins, aunts, uncles... Aprons all around with memories to last a lifetime. 

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