DIY: Morse Code Bracelet

May 1, 2019 | by jessica robbins

Mother’s Day is on its way, and this DIY is the best present a mom could ask for. Morse Code bracelets and necklaces are popping up everywhere, and it is so easy to make a secret message just for her.


  • Cord or string
  • Beads
  • Clasps


  1. Start by taking one end of the cord and tying it to the clasp. Make sure it is double knotted so that it won’t come apart. I used magnetic clasps, which are amazing.
  2. Decide which word you would like to break down into Morse code. I chose the word LOVE because it’s a great one to describe mom. Look up the Morse code for the word you choose. There are tons of sources online.
  3. Choose a color scheme for the beads that the mother in your life would like best. Use one color to represent the dots in the Morse code, and another color to represent the lines. I chose to use a different color bead to separate the letters as well.
  4. Lay out the pattern and slide it on the string. Tie a knot at the end of the beads and attach to the other clasp.
  5. Create a cute card to go along with your Morse code word and description. 

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! No present could ever truly express our appreciation for our amazing moms, but of course, we will all try. Choose the perfect word to describe your one-of-a-kind mom, and get started!  

Originally printed in the May 2019 issue of Simply Family Magazine

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