Back to School: Batting a thousand

August 2016

by rebecca stewart

We’ve done all the things, had all the fun, heard all the whining about much boredom and more hunger, and now it’s officially (well almost) time to bid adieu to the chillax-y relax-y, far less structured vibe of summer, and say hello to a brand new school year in all its shiny newness.

If at the end of a school year, parents are all kinds of done when it comes to fighting over one more piece of homework or signing (never mind enforcing the returning of) one more reading log, the start of a new school year is its polar opposite. One might say that at the beginning of the school year parents are batting a thousand…

  • It starts with the glorious triumph of having all the things on all of the back-to-school lists checked off. Could we be more on top of things?  
  • Meals are planned a month in advance – grocery lists are compiled with ridiculous ease.   
  • Lunchboxes are filled with healthy, perfectly created, beautifully constructed lunches after a summer of Pinterest-perusing! (Too much? Okay, Lunchables have yet to cross our minds as we pull out the cookie cutters to add a dash of creativity).  
  • A whole line of fresh ideas fill the notes tucked lovingly into our littles lunchboxes.  
  • Healthy pre-prepared afterschool snack options line our pantries and refrigerators!  
  • Designated homework nooks are ready to go with folders and bins anxiously awaiting papers for mom and dad to review, sign, and return.  
  • Folders are checked, logs are signed; homework is completed without the world as we know it ending!  
  • Provide snacks? Volunteer in the classroom? No problem for Beginning of the School Year SuperMom!  

Yes, the start of a new school year finds us all at the top of our game, but it’s anyone’s guess how far all that renewed energy will actually take us (7th inning stretch, surely…), so (teachers, especially) take advantage while the tanks are full. Put us in coach, we’re ready!

This originally appeared in the pages of SFM's August 2016 issue. Check out the digital edition, here

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