Which Back to School Mom Are You?

August 2018

by rebecca stewart

And just like that, it's almost time to bid adieu to one of the “18 delicious summers we get with our children.” (Surely you’ve seen this making the rounds on Facebook – both a beautiful reminder and an epic guilt trip wrapped up into one charming meme). With back to school fast approaching, it got us thinking about that first day of school, and what it means to the mamas, which begs the question: which Back to School Mom are you?

The Crier of All the Tears

You can spy this mama by the sunglasses she’s sporting- whether the sun is shining brightly or not. These shades are meant to cover the tears in her eyes, so her little only sees the smiles on mama’s face. She’s wishing she could be a fly on the wall, privy to all of the happenings her young one is experiencing these eight hours a day. She’s both thrilled and mildly (if somewhat irrationally) crushed that her kiddo barely looked back as she scurried away with her pals to the playground. Or maybe she’s a little misty as she says goodbye to craze-free summer mornings...Regardless, give this mama a tissue and a quick hug and invite her to coffee. 

The Mad Dasher 

This frazzled mom can be seen making the mad dash through the carpool lane, trying to coordinate all the drop-offs of her brood (because of course, they are ALL at different schools). She is desperately hoping she won’t be randomly made to get out of her minivan because yesterday’s yoga pants – maybe last night’s jammies - and messy bun are the ensemble du jour. Give this mama a look of solidarity, we’ve all been there at one time or another – and probably another again.

The Taker of All the Pictures

This mama might be combo packaged with another, but you’ll recognize her on Facebook by her adorable first day of school pictures, complete with Pinterest-perfect chalkboard signage. She’s at drop-off snagging all the must-have snaps with besties, teachers, and school signs. Give this mama a hearty thumbs up for capturing these moments, and if you’re lucky she’ll share a few shots.

The Happy Dancer

This mom is done with summer. She's done with the whining, the fighting, the non-stop eating, all of the words being spoken into her ears. She is over it all, and could not be happier that the yellow school bus is back in action. You might not see this mom at drop-off, rather you'll see the video of her happy dance as the school bus rolls away. Or the photos of her and the girls doing lunch- the right way, or hitting the lake sans kids. It's not that she's not all in with her kiddos, it's just that sometimes absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Originally printed in the pages of Simply Family Magazine’s August 2018 issue.

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