Parenting Reality Check: It’s only for a little while…

August 2018

by rebecca stewart

As we offer a hearty ‘See ya later summer, it’s been real!’ and send our kiddos off to their next educational milestones I can’t help but think how insanely fast these days go by…Especially as I cried my way through most of this first day back at school. Yeah, I’m that mom. Oy. But not only am I mama to one spectacular third grade girl (I know, it’s not even some significant milestone – I have no excuses), there’s also this whole slew of glorious nieces and nephews – the oldest of whom just drove himself to school for the first time (sob!). Where these years have gone I’m not sure, but in case you missed the memo, all of this back to school business has put me in a reflecting kind of mood.

In the midst of these ruminations I’ve stumbled upon my latest catch phrase/mantra/realization: it’s only for a little while…These phases our children go through, things that drive us crazy – or on the flip side make our hearts ache for the pricelessness of it all – all these, in the grand scheme of things are, only for a little while…Despite how it seems when we’re right in the thick of things, it’s like we can’t see our way through to the other side (otherwise known as, it’s NEVER going to end!) or we dream of how much simpler the next stage will be, or then there’s door #3 - searching for that elusive pause button because, again, it goes so ridiculously fast. And so that brings us to a few reminders to enjoy the little things and to hang tight because that stage that seems never ending, well, it’s only for a little while…

-In the beginning, those sleepless nights and sensation-overload that go hand-in-hand with the newborn stage…Hang on mama, because one day you’ll look back and your heart will only remember that perfect, precious love snuggled on your chest and those sweet sounds she made while she slept.

-When you realize that the sneak-and-peeks at your sleeping kiddo are some of your most precious mama moments because no matter how old your child gets, you’ll find your baby still exists in that sleep-softened face…And we realize we won’t have those opportunities forever (sorry, I just cannot buy into the end of Love You Forever as reality), especially when some kind soul on Facebook posts just how little time we actually have between birth and college – thanks for that.

-Looking around the house, feeling overwhelmed by all of the STUFF that has seemingly taken over every last spare space, nook, and cranny; the LEGOS torturing our toes…Thinking our space will never be ours again, but before we know it…

-The cacophony of music blaring, chattering voices, running feet, and imagination run amok will have left our homes all too soon because, after all, it’s only for a little while.

As we settle back into another school year, I hope it’s a year filled with great learning, lots of fun, and homework that doesn’t cause The End of the World in your household. Let's do our best to cherish the little things in the midst of all the crazy, and remember that those challenging moments and stages won’t last forever, we’ll find our way through to the other side…Cheers to a new school year!