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13 Impressive Gift Ideas for Kids

February 26, 2022

by mikkie mills, guest contributor

Even though many children talk nonstop about their interests and favorites, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift when the time comes to celebrate a birthday or another holiday. This guide is here to help you get that special kid in your life a cool, creative, and impressive gift they’re sure to love. 

1. Their Favorite Character

Every child has at least one character they relate to, look up to, or aspire to be; whether it’s an impressive superhero or a brilliant scientist. From Mattel to Marvel, do some research to discover what characters your gift recipient is drawn to. From there, consider their age, interests, and capabilities as you hunt for the perfect book, item of clothing, stuffed animal, playset, or figurine that will allow them to engage with their favorites and heroes in a new way. 

2. A New Book

Whether your giftee has yet to utter his or her first words or has expressed interest in reading the next big middle-grade sci-fi series, the gift of a new book is one that provides hours of entertainment, as well as educational value. 

3. Musical Instruments

Pianos, keyboards, ukuleles, recorders, and drums are great starter instruments for kids who have expressed interest in making music of their own. Budding musicians will love kid-sized versions of their favorite instruments, and the promise of lessons can make this gift even more exciting. 

4. Art Supplies

Painting, drawing, and sculpting are not only great ways to spark a lifelong love of art, but these hobbies also provide children with a healthy creative outlet to express themselves. Look for a kit that will help them accomplish a pre-determined project, or branch out and invest in a fully stocked art supply case designed for young artists. 

5. The Gift of Comfort

Fuzzy socks, a wearable blanket, a themed sleeping bag, or a set of soft slippers will help any kid feel warm and cozy at home. Kids especially appreciate soft, comfortable home accessories in their favorite color or featuring a favorite hobby or character.

6. A Set of Wheels

Exercise is essential for healthy child development, but it can be challenging to come up with outdoor play activities to get kids moving. To support the health, recreation, and amusement of any child, consider gifting him or her a pair of roller skates, a new bicycle, a skateboard, or a kick scooter they can ride around the neighborhood.

7. A Craft Kit

If a child doesn’t seem all that into crafting, he or she may not have found the right project to pique enough interest. Craft kits, from science experiments to wearable designs, develop kids’ problem solving, fine motor and artistic skills all at the same time, and can even inspire them to come up with creations of their own after they’ve finished. 

8. Something They Need

Does your giftee need a new pair of ballet shoes? Is he or she due for a backpack upgrade? If your gift recipient needs something restored or sized up, make it extra special by giving him or her a higher quality, well-made replacement that speaks to their wants as well as their needs.

9. Costumes and Dress-Ups

Imaginative play helps kids to explore a variety of roles and express their interests and personality through pretending. Costumes and dress-up sets allow children to act out the dreams and fantasies they see in fairytales and stories, as well as make up a few of their own. Even older children can benefit from costumes and dress-up gifts, as cosplay and themed outfits are highly popular with many school-aged children. 

10. A Board Game

Card and board games are a great way to spend quality time, learn something new and bring out the competitive sides with the whole family. Go for a classic choice or look at age-appropriate, award-winning games to bring something new to the table. 

11. Kid-Friendly Kitchen Supplies

Kids can start helping in the kitchen at a young age, especially when given the right tools. A kid-sized apron, kid-safe knife sets, family cookbooks, and toy ovens are a great way to introduce the basics of cooking and get kids working alongside you in the kitchen. 

12. New Tech

Cool gadgets and impressive devices can satisfy any kid who loves electronics. Get the kid in your life a fun new smartwatch, a wearable pedometer, a new tablet, kid-friendly headphones, an interactive animal toy, or an educational program to inspire him or her while simultaneously providing hours of entertainment. 

13. An Experience

Whether the child in question has everything he or she could want or need or you’re looking for an alternative gift the child will be sure to remember, think outside of what you can put into a box. Experience-based gifts, such as a membership to a local museum, a weekend getaway, or a gift certificate to a local movie theater, give both of you a way to experience the world together and build memories that will last a lifetime. 

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