20 Outside of the Box Gift Ideas for Your Family

December 2, 2019

by amanda ryan

How many times have the holidays approached and you still have no clue what to get your family members? You’ve gotten every toy for your kiddos, every piece of jewelry for your mom, and every tool for your husband, so you’re at a total loss for what to get next.

When you’ve got years of holidays spent together under your belts, finding the perfect gift tends to be all the more challenging – there’s all too often a feeling of been here, done that. So, now what?

Don’t worry! We created a list of 20 outside of the box gift ideas for the person who has everything.

Here are our ideas…

1. Concert tickets

2. Polaroid camera

3. Personalized wallet, purse, or laptop case

4. Cookbook that is personal to their tastes/allergies

5. Online course specific to a hobby (e.g. painting, interior design, film editing)

6. Waterproof playing cards

7. Photo album (especially for the youngest of your family that maybe didn’t get all the books that everyone else did)

8. Wall art with pictures of family/family name

9. Matching family pajamas (don’t forget the dog too!)

10. Dessert box (e.g. hot chocolate box, ice cream sundae box, chocolate chip cookie box; just put the non-perishable ingredients in mason jars)

11. Personalized jewelry

12. Canned jams or salsa you make from home

13. Flashlight

14. Puzzle

15. Ornament

16. Coffee/tea mugs

17. Cheese and sausage kit to serve on New Year’s Eve

18. A grocery/gas gift card (especially great for the college student/teen on your list)

19. Membership / Experience (think Zoo, skating, movies, and more)

20. A gift card for a hair appointment

So, there you have it! 20 outside of the box gift ideas for those people that you’re struggling to shop for. Whether they have everything, or they have really interesting tastes, this guide is perfect for anyone.

When in doubt, grab some things they may not normally get for themselves, or something they need. I mean, who doesn’t need a flashlight, a haircut, or groceries?

Good luck, and happy shopping!

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