Ways Families Can Update Their Homes on A Budget

May 18, 2020 | by kevin gardner

It doesn't have to be a major expense to update your home with a new look. Sometimes, it can be a matter of making a few changes to what you already have in conjunction with a few low-cost remodels. Here are a few things to spark your creativity.


One easy and affordable way to completely change the look of a room is to change the paint color. It's amazing how much life this small effort can add to any room. And, with a little patience, you can create some very original designs with different paint styles and finishes. There are some great online tutorials for inspiration.

Window Treatments

Maybe you are using window blinds and really want to find curtains. Curtains can add personality to a room in ways blinds just can’t. Or maybe you have been thinking about adding shutters to your windows. With a little perseverance and tenacity, you can find bargains for just about any look that you desire. The proliferation of online options can now offer better deals than ever to the consumer. You can also keep an eye out for sales at your local home-improvement store.


A unique way to invest in your property while saving yourself some money on bills would be by financing renewable energy from Apex, NC solar panels if you live near the area. Solar panels may seem expensive, but lots of people are taking advantage of solar panels that can be used to save a considerable amount of money in the long run after drastically cutting or eliminating electric bills. Beyond the electricity savings, you could also end up improving the value of your home. 

Updated Heating Sources

Fireplaces are known for adding ambience to any room. You can update your fireplace in a couple of different ways. Depending on the material of the facade, you could put a fresh color of paint on it for an entirely different look. Or, if it's a wood-burning fireplace, you could consider fueling it with gas. Fireplace gas is actually much cheaper than firewood, burns cleaner, and doesn't require much attention to maintain that warm and cozy feel for your room.

Furniture Covers

Furniture covers have come a long way from the ones your parents used that were made of an almost plastic material. The colors, designs, and fabrics available today make it almost too easy to make your existing furniture look completely different and fashionable, saving you the cost of buying new pieces.


A fresh, new look for your floors doesn't have to break the bank. If there's carpet, it can easily be gone. Whether the floor under the carpet is hardwood or plywood, there are some great techniques to bring them to life. Hardwood can be refinished or painted and there are some really great ways to treat plywood making it luster as a floor covering. If you're already dealing with a hardwood floor, there are some amazing products that can easily return it to its original glory.


Natural light can completely change the feel of a room. If you are used to curtains and blinds blocking out the sunshine, you could try a different approach on the windows allowing more natural light to enhance your room. Sometimes, less is more and less always costs less.


Adding fresh, live plants to a room can, literally, breathe new life into it. The combination of greenery and natural light will make a noticeable difference in a room that is accustomed to being a closed-in space. Plants are not only an attractive addition to a room, but they also bring health benefits with them.


The more we become focused on our environment, the more popular vintage and antique pieces gain in popularity. Not only is it socially responsible to reuse or repurpose what we can, it has become trendy to decorate with antiques and vintage items. And, best of all, you might be able to score an epic deal when shopping in second-hand stores or antique shops. Better yet, they come with family history, having been handed down in your family through the generations.

This list only touches on a few of the many creative ways you can update and refresh your home without spending a fortune. It may take a little research and ingenuity on your part, but the result will be a fresh, new look that is original to your own personal tastes and creativity.

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