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Summer Backyard Lighting Ideas

February 23, 2022

by carolyn mitchell, guest contributor

Heading outdoors this summer? Whether you’re planning on entertaining outside on the deck or you just want to have a cozy evening from the porch, make your summer shine with these fun suggestions. Here’s some summer backyard lighting ideas to try.

String the Scene

Having an outdoor light strand is a great way to brighten up your outdoor gathering area this summer. But you can get creative with how you string them up. Incorporate recycled bottles into your string, or hang up some funky shaped lights or brightly colored lanterns. Make your string of lights unique for backyard lighting everyone will remember. 

The great part about using string lights is that they’re usually easy to put up, move around, and take down. That means you can easily change out the ideas seasonally. You could have some Independence Day decorations incorporated into your string of lights that can easily get changed out after the 4th and replaced with something new.

Customize Your Signage

If you're looking for a personalized touch for your outdoor area, try a custom neon sign. This bright, fun concept will light up the backyard and claim the space as undeniably yours. You can write your name or just have a design that exemplifies your identity through a completely customized sign all lit up just for you. 

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See if Indoor Pieces Could Come Out

To rework your summer backyard lighting, you might just need to bring some indoor pieces on out the door! This might sound silly, but it actually looks great to have light fixtures that traditionally go inside instead be utilized outdoors. For example, chandeliers are usually associated with ballrooms and grand entryways, but what if you had a rustic outdoor chandelier hanging over your porch swing? 

Or how about taking a wall sconce that might be unnoticed in your indoor hallway and use it as the focal point of your deck? You don’t need as much light as you think outside: a little piece can go a long way. 

Think Sustainable

We often think that light fixtures are going to be heavy, hot, and use a lot of electricity, but that doesn’t have to be true. When you’re decorating for the outdoors, it’s best to keep nature and sustainability in mind with your design. You can get sustainability in home décor with light fixtures that are specially made with the environment in mind, with features from eco-friendly manufacturing to sustainable packaging. 

When you choose sustainable lighting options, your décor will blend more seamlessly into the outdoor environment. Plus, you’ll also probably get the added bonus of saving yourself some money on your electricity bill.

The Sky’s the Limit

While your summer backyard lighting doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, don’t be afraid to experiment to find what works for you. You might be surprised how dramatic a difference one new light fixture can make for an outdoor space. Get out there and try: the sky’s the limit!

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