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Tips to Improve Your Backyard Space

June 9, 2021

by kevin gardner, guest contributor

Does going into your backyard make you cringe? Are all your plants dead? Does the space seem dull and dreary from the long, cold winter? If so, now is a great time to roll up your sleeves and make a few improvements.

From installing new garden beds and building a patio to calling pool builders in Charleston to create your own personal oasis, there are a lot of things you can do to improve the space. Keep reading for some ideas that will help you improve your backyard space to ensure you enjoy the warm weather ahead.

Zone the Living Areas in the Backyard

This is a tip that works both inside and outside your home. If you want to ensure a great design, you must create defined areas. One of the best ways for you to define your outside living area is with furniture and similar elements.

You can use benches to show where the seating area is and keep it separate from other backyard parts. Other components include area rugs, pergolas, and long planters, which can also separate individual spaces.

Don’t forget to leave plenty of room for walkways. You can mark high-traffic areas with stones or even use runners. By defining your spaces, you can create a foundation for a well-designed outdoor area.

Create an Area to “Hangout”

Decks and patios can help turn any boring backyard into a desirable and comfortable destination when you create a space to relax and entertain. It doesn’t matter if you decide to install a deck, have a concrete slab poured, or use brick; creating a “hangout” area will ensure more enjoyment out of the outdoor space. Once you have the foundation in place, you can add furniture, a grill, and other accessories that make the space uniquely yours.

Build a Theme Garden

photo by Jürgen Scheeff via Unsplash

Theme gardens are great additions to any type of landscape design. They offer you the chance to show offer your personality and style with your landscaping.

It doesn’t matter if you are designing a garden inspired by a favorite novel or choosing a shade garden as the solution for a part of your yard where nothing will grow; having a theme garden is something that you will love. Also, a project like this can be done on a single weekend but provide years and years of enjoyment for you and your entire family.

Add Different Seating 

Your outdoor space should include an array of seating options for entertainment and comfort purposes. Try to use various lounges, stools, chairs, and benches. Hammocks are also a great way to relax and spend a lazy day outdoors. You can also use a bench swing, where you can sit and enjoy your favorite book.

Having a table with stools or a bar will provide a great place to work on projects outside, too. You can even choose seating that offers additional storage. Consider chairs and benches that will double as a cabinet for additional planters or garden tools for a smaller backyard.

Install a Fire Pit

There is nothing nicer than being able to sit around a fire pit when there is a bit of a chill in the air. The right fire pit is going to help extend the amount of time you can stay outdoors. It also gives you the perfect place to roast marshmallows or to gather around with family and friends.

Improving Your Outdoor Space

When it comes to improving your outdoor space, there are more than a few things you can do. Take some time to consider the list here, which will help ensure that you take on projects that will improve the functionality and usability of your outdoor area. In the long run, this will pay off and ensure you get even more enjoyment from your outdoor area, regardless of how big it is, throughout the year. Being informed is the best way to make the right improvements to your home and yard.

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