New Year’s Eve Ideas for the Whole Family

December 23, 2019 | by amanda ryan

New Year’s Eve is a big day of the year.

An entire year is ending, and we’re getting to celebrate the year to come with those we love! While we often think of wild parties or bar nights when we think of New Year’s Eve, there are actually plenty of fun ways to celebrate with your little ones (or maybe not quite so little anymore ones).

If you’re looking for some New Year’s Eve ideas that are great for the whole family, keep reading!

1. Resolution Basket

Each family member will write out their New Year’s resolution and put it in a basket. Once everyone has written theirs, you can draw from the basket and read each other’s New Year’s Resolutions!

This is a super fun activity for the whole family because you can all talk about why you picked your resolutions and help motivate each other.

Why stop at just one resolution? Throw in as many as you want to keep the conversation going!

2. Crack Open a Bottle of Sparkling Juice

One of the most common New Year’s traditions is to pop open a bottle of champagne and toast to the New Year.

Well, this isn’t really an option with kids, so you’ll have to mix it up a little bit. Don’t cancel your toast if you’re spending it with kids, just switch champagne for sparkling grape juice!

3. Create a Family Time Capsule

One of the most exciting parts of a year ending is having the opportunity to reminisce on all that has happened.

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to start a new tradition… Create a family time capsule!

Have each member of the family choose something that reflected the past year and put it in the time capsule. Talk about what the item signifies and why everyone chose what they chose.

On the next New Year’s Eve, open it up and put something else in!

4. Game Night Extravaganza

Depending on the age of your kiddos, you’ll want to adapt the kinds of games you pull for this night, but don’t limit yourself to just one. You can play multiple rounds if it so floats your fancy, or move on as interest starts to wane.

If your kids are middle school age and older, Catch Phrase, Scattergories, Mad Gab, Guesstures, and Name 5 are all excellent choices. For all ages, Parcheesi, UNO Attack, Monopoly (though you’re kind of stuck in this one, unless you have Monopoly Here & Now, which tends to move a lot more quickly). Youngers will like Googly Eyes and of course, classics like Candy Land, Pictionary, and Chutes and Ladders.

So, there you have it. Four family-friendly ideas that are perfect to do with your kiddos.

Happy New Year!

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