4 Games to Play During Winter Break

December 17, 2019 | by amanda ryan

Ah, winter break is here.

While it’s nice to have a break from the hustle and bustle of school and an opportunity to spend time with your kiddos, kids can go stir-crazy so quickly.

In school, kids are busy pretty much all day. They’re reading, playing with friends, and doing schoolwork. So, once they have two weeks off from this busy schedule, it’s up to you to find ways to fill that space!

If winter break leaves you stumped for game ideas, keep reading to see our suggestions!

1. Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a classic that remains a favorite among kiddos. 

The great part about hide and seek is that it doesn’t cost you a dime! While board games and video games can get expensive, a game of hide and seek is fun while being easy on your wallet. As an added bonus, there a many twists you can make to the game to keep all ages engaged in this play. 

  • Sardines - This is hide and seek backwards. Only one person goes to hide and then everyone else goes on their own to seek them out. When one of the seekers finds the hider, they have to join them in their hiding place. (Hopefully they didn’t hide somewhere too small because the seeker has to squeeze into their hiding space with them)! All of the seekers have to squish in with the hider until there’s only one person seeking. The last person who is still looking for the group loses the game and becomes the hider the next round.
  • Nerf Gun Hide & Seek (with a home base) - In this version, you can put your piles of Nerf Guns to good use, however, the one who is "it," the seeker, is the only one with a Nerf Gun in play. Add an extra element of fun while you still have your Christmas tree up by playing with lights off, tree on, and the home base in the vicinity of the tree. How it works: The hiders go hide while the seeker counts (per the usual), then, as the seeker starts their search, the hiders will try to sneak their way to home base without getting hit by a Nerf dart. (Note: The seeker cannot simply stay and guard home base). 

2. Scavenger Hunt

We’ve all participated in scavenger hunts for holidays, birthday parties, or school. Scavenger hunts are often done outside, but who says you can’t make your own inside?

When the temperature starts to drop, a scavenger hunt is the perfect way to entertain your kids indoors. All you need is some paper and you can make a scavenger hunt using the things in your home!

3. Snowball Fight

We’ve all seen epic snowball fights in Christmas movies. The fun, laughter, and excitement, who doesn’t love a good snowball fight? Of course, this accounts for winter deciding to re-show her face by gracing us with some snow, but show Mother Nature hop on board...

This is the perfect activity to do with your kids during winter break! When they need a little bit of a break from being inside all day, take them outside and let them get all their energy out.

While snowball fights are a blast, it’s important to keep safety in mind. Only throw soft snow, make sure there is no ice or rocks in the snowballs, and avoid aiming for faces.

4. I Spy

“I spy with my little eye…”

I Spy is a hit with kids! The challenge of guessing the object as well as having the ability to choose an object is so exciting for them.

This is a game that’s free and can be played with as many people as you want! What else could you ask for in a winter break game? Plus, if you're traveling for the holidays, it's a perfect travel game! 

As winter break approaches this year, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by trying to plan activities. There are plenty of games that are totally free and a blast for kids. Put on your thinking hat and make this winter break one to remember!

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