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Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Patio

October 18, 2022

by mikkie mills, guest contributor

As the days grow shorter, you may feel that the days of outdoor projects may have reached their end for the year. However, this does not have to be the case. There are still projects you may want to complete before winding down for the season. Just think, you can finish those last-minute projects that will have you dreaming of the spring and summer ahead. Along with landscaping projects, your backyard may need a little upgrade. Here are four ways you can upgrade and add a relaxing ambiance to your outdoor space.

Stain or Paint

Is your patio, pool, or spa area surrounded by wood? Changing things up with a fresh coat of stain or paint can give your site a completely fresh look. Something as simple as changing the look from natural wood to a new color of paint can make your space look entirely different. It can also give you another reason to redecorate the space even more. You may even want to add new patio furniture or pillows and cushions to your already existing patio furniture.

Pool or Spa Treatment

Do you already have a patio area that you love, and you do not want to change the paint or the stain? You already have the patio furniture of your dreams. But is your patio lacking in any other ways? Have you ever had a dream of having your own pool or spa? You can turn to pool builders in Naples to decide what your pool spa requires. Choosing a pool or spa is a big decision and can be an even bigger investment in some cases. You may need to decide how large you want the pool or spa to be as well as what part of your yard you would like to have it in. Placement will be the basis for your final product that you may build other things, like a deck, around.

Creative Lighting

There is a trend lately to add fairy lighting or other outdoor lighting to patios and pool areas. With this trend comes a wide variety of lighting options for your outdoor space. Gone are the days of the tiki torch for lighting alone. We are in the days of the solar strings of lights to use in your patio area that have not only a variety of colors but even a variety of lighting cycles. There are strings of lights that will twinkle, chase, and even cycle through an assortment of colors and brightness. You may find layering different strings of lights across your space from tree to tree or beam to beam adds a relaxing feel to your patio. You can even add outdoor sconces to nearby buildings for added lighting.

Grilling and Chilling

What patio space is complete without a grill? Whether it be gas or charcoal, adding a grill to your patio space can make get-togethers with family and friends even more enjoyable. There are a wide variety of ways to add a grill to your backyard patio space. You can have a grill that is free of any confines and can move freely about your space. There are also some beautiful and creative ways to build around an outdoor grill. You can stack some bricks around the grill or make a more permanent outdoor cooking space out of brick and mortar or even stone. Along with this addition, you may want to build a covered patio area to enjoy your grilled food at a comfortable table. It may even suit your needs to add a ceiling fan to keep you and your guests cool during those warm summer days and nights.

Your outdoor space should be a sanctuary that you can relax and unwind in after a day at work or a day of play. By applying the various ideas above to your own outdoor space, you can reap the benefits of your work and relax in your newly upgraded backyard.

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