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How All Generations of the Family Can Stay Fit Together

May 6, 2024

by jack shaw, guest contributor

We all have our priorities, and according to the Pew Research Center, about 73% of Americans state that family time is one of the most essential things in their lives. Around 31% of the same group of respondents also note the significance of being physically active. Taking those factors into consideration, why not combine them?

The Importance of Staying Fit Together

Having the whole family stay fit together not only grants you time to bond with one another, but it also improves each generation’s physical health. Exercising as a family allows you to target the different needs of each family member, while supporting the strength and endurance of the family unit as a whole. Doing it with a group can also hold you accountable for building habits of staying as fit as possible.

There are also certain mental health benefits of exercising together. Children who live an active lifestyle can develop better confidence and self-esteem in the long run. Physical activity is also one of the best ways to eliminate negative energy or feelings

Prioritizing the Household’s Health and Wellness

Making up your mind to keep the whole household’s health and wellness in check is a great first step. The next is to put those good intentions into action. Consider your family's capabilities and limitations as you develop fitness plans. 

Go on Long Walks

One of the simplest ways to become healthier is to go on long walks together. It’s less strenuous than jogging and running, perfect for older generations. Skip the car and walk to different errands together. If all goes well, you can even enter a run/walk as a family. Get a picture of everyone in their walking gear.

Play Games at the Park

Head to the park to play games as a family. Hide-and-seek is pretty fun and low-effort. If there’s croquet, pickleball, or mini golf course, have a little multigenerational competition. More active people can also tackle playground obstacles. The monkey bars are an underrated challenge for plenty of people.

Find Sports You All Love

Sports can give the family a shared interest that improves physical health. Consider everyone’s health conditions and skill levels as you explore different options. Swimming can be suitable for all ages. It can boost brain and heart health while getting your joints moving. Just remember that is all starts with water safety, and being aware of everyone's capabilities.

Take a Hike Through Nature

Take a beginner’s hike to reach a campsite. Being outdoors can put you more in touch with the Earth. Plus, it gets you sweating and improves your fitness level. Be sure to pack plenty of water (and a water filter) to keep everybody hydrated and share a couple of snacks around the campfire.

Garden in the Yard 

You can also stay fit at home by gardening. Encourage and allow each person to pick a plant or assign each family member seedlings. Working in the dirt, sowing and watering is valuable time spent together. Eventually, you’ll harvest plenty of excellent and healthy food to enjoy together. 

Check Your Diet

Staying physically fit goes beyond activities. The whole household should focus on being healthier. For example, cook and eat dinner together instead of dining out or ordering takeout. Have fruits over chips and chocolate. Experiment with different dishes and drinks for maximum nutrients.

Ensure Adequate Sleep

Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night and find your spouse scrolling through their mobile device? Sleep is an essential part of physical fitness. Talk them into hitting the hay. You can also ask them why they can’t fall asleep. By identifying the problem, you can work to find a solution that will grant them a good night’s rest.

Get Off the Screen

Speaking of scrolling, promote screen breaks. Screen time has increased to 60%-80% compared to pre-pandemic times. Staying sedentary and going online can harm physical health, including the eyes. Set limits during family outings. You can also make it a rule to keep the dinner table phone-free.

Maintain Generational Well-Being

Having family members stay fit together can be a great way to generate quality time while keeping everyone healthy. Try these and see what sticks with your household.

Guest Writer

Jack Shaw is the senior lifestyle writer at Modded.com with a special interest in covering concerns of health, family, and relationships. You’ll often find him exploring nature, playing with his dog, or planning family road trips.

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