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Energy Boosts for Moms of Young Kids

June 13, 2022

by kevin gardner, guest contributor

Your kids have so much energy of their own, and yet they still manage to use up a lot of yours as well! When trying to be a supermom has you feeling super-tired, you may be looking for ways to power up. Luckily, many of the most beneficial methods for energizing your mind and body are simple and accessible enough to fit into any busy mom’s routine.

Empower Your Nutrition

People often say food is fuel for your body, but it’s actually more like construction material. Your body is literally built and rebuilt from the nutrients you take in through your food and drink. If you’re using substandard building materials, you can’t expect your body to stand strong and keep performing well under pressure. Ideally, of course, you should make the effort to eat a diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods that nature designed to act as good “building blocks” for you. Nobody is going to eat perfectly all the time, however, and that’s where supplements can step in to reinforce you. Adding supplemental nutrition such as Opti Greens to a quick smoothie can provide multi-faceted nutritional support to help keep your energy levels and focus consistent throughout the day.

Let Laughter Light You Up   

Sometimes what we feel as physical fatigue actually originates in our minds, thanks to being stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed. If you suspect that your batteries are being drained by your brain, a good belly laugh might be the quickest and most effective therapy. It may sound trivial, but laughter is a great tension releaser, and muscle tension leads to fatigue more often than people realize. Take a quick break to scroll through some nerdy Internet cat jokes, or sit the kids down to watch a silly animated film. In addition to the physical release laughter provides, a lot of funny shows and movies also have an uplifting theme that can provide a boost to your attitude and outlook. You may find that a few chuckles do wonders for your energy levels as well as your state of mind.

Invigorate With Aromatherapy

You’ve probably had the experience of a smell bringing back a childhood memory or just suddenly putting a smile on your face. Aromatherapy is built on the idea of using one of our most powerful senses to heal, and it can be yet another method for the power of your mind to energize your body. When people think of energizing smells, citrus fruits often come to mind. It’s true that aromatherapists do often rely on lemon, grapefruit, and orange fragrances to wake up clients’ senses, but there are other options. If you’re not big on fruity smells, try peppermint, wintergreen or herbal scents like basil to sharpen your attention and put a little bounce in your step.

Rebuild While You Sleep     

It should be no surprise that getting the right amount of good sleep is central to feeling energetic enough for your daily activities, including parenting. As you know, however, parenting is one of the most common things to interfere with sleep! When you know that your sleep is likely to be interrupted by the demands of your little ones, maximizing the value of the sleep you can get becomes even more essential. Public health professionals agree that good sleep hygiene is critical to healthy, restorative sleep. Supplements like melatonin may also help you get the best sleep you can, and melatonin can be used safely by most people. If you feel you have a serious sleep disorder, you should consult your doctor in addition to trying natural approaches to support healthy sleep.

Taking care of yourself and refilling your energy reserves can pay off far beyond an immediate boost that gets you up and going again. Increasing your energy can also increase your patience, your resilience, and your joy. Replenishing all of those things can help you continue to be the mom your tireless kiddies need.

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