DIY Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family

November 27, 2019 | by kevin gardner

If you are struggling with what to give your family for Christmas, it can be difficult. However, some of the best gifts are the do-it-yourself variety. Not only are these gifts completely unique, but they are often less expensive and more importantly, they come from the heart. Here are some great Christmas gift ideas that are handmade, and can be made by and given to the whole family.


Stockings are a classic Christmas staple in any home. To make your loved one's home unique, craft a stocking with a pattern or decorations that you know they will cherish. You can use virtually any material, such as fleece, burlap, or even old sweaters. This is a great family activity as well that your children will enjoy crafting for the important people in their life. If you are making these stockings for your children as gifts, you can hang them full of small surprises from the fireplace when they wake up on Christmas morning.


One of the best ways to stay warm and cozy during the winter is by snuggling up with a good blanket. A popular option for giving blankets as a Christmas gift is the classic no-sew blankets, where you simply cut strips on the edges of several yards of fleece fabric, and tie them into knots to create a border. Fleece does not pill in the wash and remains soft. It is also versatile and rather inexpensive, as well as coming in a large variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns. 

Reindeer Food

For children, nothing is more fun on Christmas Eve than imagining Santa and his reindeer landing on the roof, bringing gifts for them to open in the morning. Up the excitement and imagination by making magical reindeer food to sprinkle on your lawn or driveway for Santa's reindeer to snack on while the boss is busy delivering presents. It is easy and cost-effective to make, with oatmeal and sprinkles. Mix them together, place in a small, red velvet drawstring bag, and let your children toss their magical mixture outside before they go to bed on the night before Christmas. It is a simple way to keep the magic alive at a low cost.

You can also create this sweet printable to attach to the bag: 

Christmas Baskets

If you are having trouble thinking of specific gifts for the important people in your life, it may be prudent to make themed Christmas baskets, and incorporate several small enjoyable items into an attractive basket. You can leave these baskets as presents from Santa for your children to wake up to on Christmas morning, or treat your adult family members to a vessel of gourmet goods or a package for an at-home spa day for themselves.

These baskets are also a great way to get the kids involved – from picking out the items to include in the baskets to putting them together.

Picture Ornaments

Some of the best gifts are ones that can be displayed for all to see, and Christmas ornaments will sparkle and shine along with the lights on your tree. If you have a free afternoon or a snow day, help your children assemble ornaments with their best photos. These make for touching sentimental gifts for family members, especially grandparents, or to simply hang on your own Christmas tree. There are many different types of ornaments you can craft using materials that can be purchased at the store or even some that you have available in your own home.

Finding homemade Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones does not have to be difficult. Whether you are shaking up glitter and oatmeal to make reindeer food or putting together some personalized ornaments made by your children, you are guaranteed to put together presents that will be loved by every person that will receive them this Christmas. 

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