Coordinating your REVEL experience: Meet the Revel Butlers

On Saturday, April 13, Billings Depot is bringing the ultimate experiential event to Billings, where REVELers will have all of their senses dazzled. To keep the evening running smoothly at REVEL at the Taste of Billings, there are the Revel Butlers, who have an expertise in planning, coordinating, managing, and overseeing budgets, schedules, and resources. Ahead of the event, these talented individuals are essentially Alfred to each Cove team’s Batman (learn more about the Cove experience at REVEL, here), as they act as liaison between the chefs, artists, and corporate sponsors. During the event, you’ll find them dressed in tux and tails (provided by Step’n Out on Grand Avenue), coordinating the activity during the dining experiences, making sure the team has the resources needed to deliver the ultimate experience for their guests. 


Meet the REVEL Butlers…