A Taste of What’s to Come: The Revel Makers

Held on Saturday, April 13, Billings Depot is bringing the ultimate experiential event to Billings, where REVELers will have all of their senses dazzled. To help attendees make the most of their Revel at the Taste of Billings experience, there are the Revel Makers, a cast whose primary task is to bring joy to the event. They are walking, talking art and entertainment elements, who will essentially give guests permission to let loose and enjoy every aspect of this unique adventure. These Revel Makers, reveals Billings Depot’s Executive Director Michelle Williams, are 12 of the most influential individuals in Billings, either because of their network of connections or because of their unique talent (maybe both).

When we asked the Revel Makers Committee Chair, Angela Stiller, what she could reveal of these joy-creators, she was able to offer snippets about each “character.” For starters, The Duchess (Stiller herself) is a “salty non-apologetic socialite.” Then there are the Sensory Sisters (Terra Eaton, Mariah Carpenter, Vickie Lynn) who are “focused on bringing all the senses to life for guests via touch, sight, and sound.” Bringing the outside in, is Mr. Botanical (Eric Anderson). And making sure everyone is ready to bring the excitement is the Master of the Show (Blade Stiller). While Arica Stoker Lipp and Torin Zonefrelli, are the physical embodiment of embracing the Freedom of Dance, bringing “Life through Dance,” with “The man of the hour.” Guests will get to experience the mythology of certain Greek God(dess)es with the Goddess of Love and Beauty (Jessica Grunts) and Aries Greek God of War (Mitchell Grunts). Is it really a night at the historic depot without The Station Conductors? It’s all aboard with Dustin Shypkowski bringing some history and edge to the depot with “the little conductor,” Haley Shypkowski. Finally, there is The Mysterious One, “Coy and alluring, Kyoko (Jacqui Hughes) will bring much fortune and mystery to the guests.”

And this is simply one piece of the puzzle, learn more about what to expect from all areas of this exquisite evening, here