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7 Pro Tips for Staying Organized During Back-to-School Season

August 17, 2023

by cora gold, guest contributor

Does the back-to-school season have you anxious about those early morning dashes to collect everything your kids need before they miss the bus? Here are seven tips and station ideas to stay organized from the moment your children walk through the door in the afternoon until they leave again in the morning.

1. Create a Drop-Off Base

Use the laundry room or a corner in your house as a station where your kids can leave their shoes and hang their coats and backpacks when they return. To make school mornings even more effortless, have a small basket of socks and accessories by the station just in case a little one forgets.

2. Have a Designated Space for Homework

Gather all the supplies they need in a small storage trolley they can roll out during homework time. A designated space for homework can help your children concentrate and develop positive study habits.

Have this space in the living room or dining room if possible — it helps with good sleep hygiene. Kids are more likely to rest well if the bedroom is reserved for sleep and relaxation.

3. Have a Parent Inbox Center

Create an inbox for school paperwork and updates in an area with high traffic. When your kids see it, they’ll remember any forms they need you to sign or reports that need your attention. It also helps you to stay up-to-date and organized with their activities and school trips.

Separate everything into individual groups to make sure you know exactly where to find what you’re looking for. For example, you could have a designated section in a filing cabinet for each of your children, so you can flip to their name when you’re looking for their school work or medical documents. You can also keep a folder where you put anything that needs urgent action, like bills or permission slips. 

4. Create Routine Boards for Each Child

If you have ever had an afternoon that flew by with no homework done and bathtime forgotten, you know the importance of routines. Create customized boards or clocks where your kids can see all their activities in one place.

5. Draw Up a Meal Plan

Between school runs, activities and homework, life gets busy. Make it easier for yourself by writing a meal plan and a grocery list for the month. There are apps you can use or you can utilize spreadsheets to help you to create a meal schedule.

6. Plan Outfits the Night Before

For calmer mornings with no fuss, give your children the option to pick out their outfits every Sunday evening or the night before school. You can use a separate clothes rack or closet dividers with labels for every day of the week. Check the weather and remind them to pick out any accessories they want to wear with the outfits.

7. Have a Designated Lunch Prep Station

Make lunch prep fun by designating a cupboard or shelf with all the essentials like a thermos, zip lock bags and other utensils. Write out a list with snacks for them to include as they pack -  fruit or a small container of vegetables, cheese sticks or yogurt, and a granola bar. If you have older kids, take some time to write out a lunch plan and keep their sandwich items in one place in the fridge so they can prepare their food the night before.

Enjoy the Process  

With these organizing hacks and designated areas for everything school-related, you’ll be at ease and your kids will have the time and space to enjoy back-to-school season. Keep August and September stress-free with just a few adjustments to your home.

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