7 Daily Habits to Bolster Your Energy

June 25, 2020 | guest contributor carol evenson

It can be tough to have enough energy for everything you do in a day, which can leave you feeling stressed and frustrated at the never-ending list of things loading up our to-do lists. There are many tips, tricks, and items out there designed to help boost and focus energy throughout the day, but the most effective are healthy habits you can implement before bed and when you wake up for more energy all day.

Lay It Out the Night Before

The best secret for a good morning is to prepare for it the night before. Laying out your clothing, getting the coffee pot set up, and prioritizing the next day’s tasks are all ways to get a jump-start on your morning. If you have kids, particularly young ones, then laying out their clothing for the next day and making sure that breakfast is planned can ease some of the hassle of the morning routine. This can help you start your day with less stress and rush to get out the door.

Eat a Balanced Breakfast

A balanced breakfast is a good way to stay healthy and be energized during the day. You can even add supplements like Active PK to help boost your energy levels while breaking your overnight fast. Not everyone is hungry first thing in the morning, but having a good mix of protein, fiber, and healthy fats can wake up your metabolism so it is important to eat something within the first few hours of being awake. Adding the right supplements can give you more of an edge as you can get all the vitamins and minerals you need to boost your metabolism while eating less of a breakfast. Reliable products usually have great reviews before you decide to buy them, you can read Active PK reviews and those of other supplements to find the right one for your needs.

Get a Slow and Intentional Start

Taking your time to get your bearings, stretch and establishing intention can help your morning energy last longer than if you immediately jump out of bed and start the rush. Setting intentions can be as easy as writing a paragraph in a journal, going over your schedule or taking a minute to meditate before getting out of bed. Many people find it helpful to start a gratitude journal to start the day feeling peaceful and letting that attitude of gratitude permeate their day.

Leave the Phone Alone

One of the quickest ways to drain your energy is to be reactive instead of active. Starting your day by looking through social media or emails can quickly put you in a reactive frame of mind instead of actively starting your day with intention. By leaving your phone on the nightstand while you finish the rest of your morning routine, you can extend the time you spend on yourself before you have to start reacting to the world around you.

Stretch it All out

Your body has, hopefully, been at rest for several hours while you sleep, meaning it has settled into the bed and needs a gentle stretch before moving. If you jump out of bed and start rushing, you can easily overwork your cold muscles and end up with a sore back, draining energy all day. With some simple stretches, or even a yoga routine added to your morning, you can avoid muscle strain while you meditate and work on flexibility.

Make Time for Cuddles

Humans are social creatures and we have favorites in terms of family, friends, and pets. These favorites do a lot of mental and physical good to be around by lifting your mood and giving you a happy thought or two to carry throughout your day. Even taking a second to give your kids, spouse or pets a cuddle can help boost your energy all day. This can have additional benefits such as keeping close relationships healthy and reminding you why you do your other tasks throughout the day.

Hydrate as You Go

Having enough hydration in the mornings and throughout the day can help you stay healthy and energized. This does not have to mean carrying around an expensive water bottle wherever you go, however, it just means making sure that you have access to healthy drinks when you feel thirsty. When you wake up, you will be slightly dehydrated just from having several hours between drinks, so keeping a glass of water by your bed and drinking several ounces when you wake up can help rid you of this feeling and boost your energy.

Having enough energy to last through your busy day can be difficult, but the right healthy habits in your morning routine can help get you there. Not only do you need to make sure that you have enough hydration and nutrition after your nightly fast, but you also need to take time to focus on yourself through exercise, meditation, and setting intentions for the day. You can do this by having the right breakfast and supplements, laying stuff out the night before and taking time to intentionally engage with those you love before rushing out the door.

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