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How to Get Your Kids to Happily Do Their Chores

May 15, 2020 | by harper reid

Getting your children to do their chores doesn't have to be a daily struggle. With a bit of creativity and some bright ideas, you can turn tasks into a natural or even fun part of their daily routine. Read on for creative ideas that will leave your house clean and keep both you and your little ones happy.


Keep your little ones motivated with incentives. Whether it’s a weekly allowance or a sticker chart, it helps to be clever with the lures you use. While it's fine to offer little rewards for little jobs, a constant “dangling of the carrot” is hard to maintain. Rather than rewarding your kids for each small job done, try to create a system that rewards consistent good behavior. Not only will this save you the stress of trying to motivate your little one to every cleanup time, but it also reinforces good habits.

Good cleaning habits are something your kids can keep for a lifetime, and incentives can offer great motivation. Get creative with some unique incentives and be sure to get the little ones involved. Ask them what they want to work towards to keep them excited about their end goal.

A few ideas:

Make a list

There are certain chores that need to be done on a regular basis. Whether it's making the bed or daily clutter clearing (a.k.a. keeping toys off the floor), whatever you decide as a family, it is important that you be consistent. Giving your little ones clear structure around chores will help them build a routine that they can make a part of their everyday lives. 

Setting up a list of chores can be a great way to be consistent and keep the chores in a routine. Post the schedule somewhere it can be easily seen, like a fridge or behind a bedroom door. Here's your chance to get creative. Sit down with your little ones and make a list that's both functional and beautiful.

Share the load

Sharing the burden of cleaning can be a great way to break up some of the bigger household chores. There's plenty of ways to divvy up the chores. Assigning individual tasks can be a great system, particularly in bigger families. Alternatively, keeping a rotating roster can be a great way to switch things up and prevent boredom. If you've got a cleaning schedule, be sure to put your own name down. It can be a great way to show that you're also putting in the work and make your kids feel a part of the team.

Lead by Example

Little minds learn much more from our actions than they ever will from our words, that's why we need to lead by example. Take some time to show your children how to do a job properly, such as making the bed or washing the dishes. (It is all too easy to allow frustrations to overtake and let slip the greatest help-killer: "I'll just do it myself." Have patience as you teach your littles - and maybe not-so littles - the how-to's of housework).

Doing jobs together can help in strengthening family bonds and prevent you from giving them frustrating jobs they don't know how to do. Don't forget the little things. If you want your children to save energy and turn off their lights when they leave a room, you better be doing it too!

Make it fun

There are plenty of ways to turn household chores into a good time. Whether it's dancing to some tunes while sweeping up or turning taking out the garbage into a relay race, try to make it fun for you too. Chores don't need to be associated with boredom. If there's a smile on your face, your kids won't grow up with negativity surrounding cleaning up. Get creative and get the family involved to come up with some fun new ways to do your daily chores.

Chores help build good cleaning habits and discipline, skills your children can keep for a lifetime. Invest some time in your kid's future now and give your little ones the skills they will need for a bright (and neat and tidy) future.

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