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5 Ways to Strengthen Your Closest Relationships

February 10, 2021

by kevin gardner, guest contributor 

The relationships with the people you love are vital for your mental health. Humans are social beings, so keeping that social aspect healthy is how people evolved to function. Relationships are more important now than ever because of how connected yet distant the world has become. People are lonelier than ever despite having access to advanced communication tools. Here are five ways to strengthen your relationships with the people you love.

1. Take Care of Yourself

This might seem like a selfish way to start off this list, but you cannot have a relationship with someone if you are not around to participate in that relationship. The people who love you want to have as much time with you as possible, so maintain a balanced diet, such as the one presented by Dr Gundry. Exercise (doctor approved, if you’re starting a new regimen) is also a great way to get your health in check.

2. Communicate

Any relationship is a two-way street, so if either of you has an issue, you need to communicate that with the other. This includes insecurities, annoyances, and anything else that might be nagging at the back of your brain. A clear mind will allow both of you to enjoy the other's company without worrying about any bad blood that may be festering unsaid.

3. Compliments

Alternatively, you should make it known when the other person has done something well. Almost everyone enjoys receiving compliments, and even if someone does not, you can still make it known that you appreciate something he or she has done. Bringing up positive things has just as much of a place in any relationship as bringing up negatives and concerns does, and positivity will be much more appreciated.

4. Common Interests

Odds are that you began your relationship with the people you love either out of familial obligation or common interests. However, these common interests can dissipate or change over time, and you might discover later that the two of you rarely talk about that initial interest anymore. When this happens, it is time to discover a new thing to enjoy together.

5. Listen

One of the most infuriating quirks that many people possess today is listening to respond rather than just listening to listen. In any relationship you are part of, you should listen intently. The other person needs to feel like he or she is heard. If you find that you have something to say in response, lock that thought in the back of your mind until the other person is finished, then decide whether it is a necessary comment.

It can take a lot of work to maintain your closest relationships, but it is worth it in the long run. As with many other areas of life, communication is key, and when you can communicate with the people in your inner circle, you can be comfortable and relaxed around them instead of having to worry about whether or not your relationship will continue to be strong.

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