Gift ideas for your pregnant friend

Maybe you’re like me – your belly is getting larger and your due date is quickly approaching. Or maybe your friend or family member is expecting, and you have no idea what gift to give them. Even with a registry, you want to give something useful that the expectant mom will love.

Whether you’re creating a registry, tackling a last-minute to-do list, or searching for that perfect gift for your pregnant friend, we’ve got you covered with some mom-approved, super handy baby items that won’t just sit on the shelf.

Portable Resting Spot

Newborn babies sleep a lot (even if it doesn’t always feel like it). We’re talking roughly 16-18 hours a day. It is a lifesaver to have a portable resting place for your new little one that you can move around the house, and even out on to the patio or front porch. We recommend the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play for a free-standing sleeper. The Rock ‘n Play is also handy for those early days when baby sleeps in the room with parents.

Other portable resting place options are the DockATot and Boppy Newborn Lounger, both pillows designed to allow baby to safely rest while mom or dad enjoy some hands-free time.

Diapers & Wipes

While this gift suggestion is not as glamorous as others, parents-to-be will love you for it! This is a guaranteed necessity for baby that really adds up to a lot of dollars spent. Take this gift a step further by coordinating with friends to purchase diapers in all sizes so that mom will have what she needs on hand if baby sizes up. (We suggest just fulfilling sizes 1 through 4 since babies don’t use newborn long and some children never use past a size 4). Another creative way to give diapers and wipes is through Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program. You save money on each shipment and save storage space for the parents by setting up shipments for every month or every few months.

Backpack Diaper Bag

This is a great gift for moms expecting their second or an additional baby. Mom can carry what she needs for the littlest one hands-free while wrangling toddlers or older children, plus baby. From wipeable nylon to leather, with endless color options available, you’re sure to find a style that fits every personality.

Zip-Up Pajamas

Show the expectant parents some love by making their sleepless nights (slightly) easier. It is much simpler to zip up baby’s pajamas than to try and line up a bunch of buttons or snaps. Instead of cursing your name at 3am, mom and dad will thank you, we promise.


Being a mom is a lot of things – life-changing, challenging, love-filled – but NOT glamorous. From spit-up to poop to mucus-filled noses, mom will see it all. This handy tool will allow her to suck snot… yes, that’s right… suck snot from her sweet little baby’s nose. It sounds gross, but believe me, there isn’t much in life more fulfilling than clearing out that stuffy nose, one motherly suck at a time.