Snuggle in for 'Cuddle Up Day' January 6

I don't know about where you're at, but here in Billings, Montana, winter took its sweet time showing its face and genuinely sticking around. Lollygagging about though it might have been, it's more than made up for it now, so going all in on Cuddle Up Day on January 6 sounds like a more than solid plan. 

Now, I don't know how things are rolling at your house, but I'm living in the land of an 11 year old who can no longer be banked on for the cuddles. Fortunately, there's always the pup! (Who is currently keeping my feet warm as I type this). Basically every day is Cuddle Up Day to him. But what if, in your house, you are the lone ranger lover of the cuddles? Well, let's not discount these options for getting your cuddle on: 

♥ Snuggle into your comfiest chair with a great book, or better yet

♥ Give yourself the glorious gift of taking that book to bed - all day long! (I ask, is there anything better than getting lost in a warm bed, a good book, and the occasional doze because you are that comfy?) 

♥ Pull out your warmest, snuggliest ensemble - we're talking sweaters or sweatshirts; drape yourself in velvet a la George Costanza, if that's your jam. 

♥ Cuddle up by the fireplace with your favorite blankie and a cup of hot cocoa (or your fave cup of joe). 

♥ Prepare your favorite comfort foods - perfect for this wintry Cuddle Up Day. (For me that's Taco Soup, but you might try: Baked Chicken Cheesy Alfredo | Chicken and Corn Chili | Homemade Tomato Soup

It really doesn't matter how you take part in this day, just, you know, embrace the snuggly wonders of Cuddle Up Day, and cuddle up buttercup! Keep calm and cuddle on.