Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s and Beyond

Ready or not, here comes Valentine’s Day! (Does anyone else feel like we just got done with Christmas?) And while we are obvious advocates of showering our loved ones with our undying devotions, and embarrassingly public displays of affection (well maybe that’s just me) — we are here to remind you that it doesn’t take a “date” ripped straight from The Bachelor to make someone feel special. It’s not the size of the date; the intention behind the date is what truly matters. So without further adieu, here are nine date ideas your significant other will L-O-V-E, for Valentine’s and beyond.

The Old Standby: Dinner and a Movie.

You really can’t go wrong with this classic standard — especially for Valentine’s Day. Who wouldn’t love a glamorous, old Hollywood style night-on-the-town? Yes, please! If you really want to impress, rent a limo or an old sports car for the evening. Start with drinks and appetizers at your favorite hot spot, followed by dinner, dessert, and a late night flick. Just don’t forget to make reservations in advance! Valentine’s Day is notoriously busy, and no one wants to spend the entire evening waiting in line.

Take Dance Lessons (Or Just Bust a Move).

Nothing says romance quite like a night on the dance floor — am I right? Recreate your first dance. Surprise your sweetie with private lessons, or hit your favorite dance club for a night of sweet-nothing whispering, slow dancing. You could even make a dance floor in your living room! Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Shake Things Up: Go Out for Brunch.

Valentine’s Day can — and should — be celebrated beyond the evening of February 14. There’s no rule etched in stone that says you can’t enjoy a Valentine’s day date. Instead of heading out for dinner, why not shake things up and hit your favorite breakfast spot for a leisurely, romantic brunch? Or you can always stay home in bed…

Check out (Free) Events at the Local College(s).

There’s always something going on at a university — from concerts, to plays, to sporting events and guest lecture series — we guarantee you can (almost) always find something to do, and usually on the cheap. Billings residents are lucky; both MSUB and Rocky Mountain College are just a short drive away.

Work it Out: Hit the Gym or Get Sweaty at Home.

This one really needs no explanation…

Try a Night at the Ballet (Or the Theater).

As far as we know, a little culture never hurt anyone — and Billings is big on culture. Earn some brownie points men; take your women to the theater. You won’t regret it. Trust us. We know what we are talking about here.

Coffee + The Bookstore.

This one is relatively inexpensive (you really only have to pay for the coffee), and your significant other is sure to love the quality time. Stroll hand in hand through the aisles, sipping on your Valentines-flavored macchiatos; sit and stare lovingly into each other’s eyes. Okay, I realize not everyone is a bookworm like me, but this can still be really fun.

Cook Up Some Love in the Kitchen.

Date Night In can be just as much fun (if not more) than Date Night Out on the Town. Especially on Valentine’s Day — it can get a little crazy out there! So why not stay in and heat things up in the kitchen? Try a new, exotic menu — coupled with a bottle of wine you’ve been saving for the occasion, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for love.

Snuggles + S’mores By the Fire.

I mean seriously, this is the stuff romantic novels are made of — Simply Family Magazine for the win! Sweetheart, are you taking notes?

About the author...After three blissful years in the Treasure State, Jessica recently moved back to Houston, Texas with her hunky husband and her two precious little girls, Savannah and Emma Kate. They are expecting a third baby (girl) this summer! Jessica is a small business owner with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, and a nerd-like love for political science. She is passionate about writing, marketing, social media management, and the wonderfully beautiful mess we call parenthood.