Tips for Staying Connected Beyond Grandparents Day

The wonderful thing about life is that it leads us on all sorts of adventures; some are planned while others are spontaneous. No matter the cause, living away from relatives can be difficult, not only for us but for the family we left behind. While we are away making the best of the situation, the hole we left in their lives is sometimes not as easily filled. Distance aside, there are things that can be done to keep and build upon that connection, especially as it relates to our children and their grandparents.

Depending upon the age of your child, they might enjoy a variety of different possibilities for sending and receiving messages from their grandparents. Technology can be great with things such as FaceTime, text messaging, emails, video messages, Skype….the list goes on, but not always are grandma and/or grandpa capable of keeping up with such advances. Therefore, it’s time to get creative!

In honor of Grandparents Day, September 13, 2015, here are five tips for staying connected!

If your child visits a museum for school, send them with the money to purchase a post card and then have your child write a little about their field trip experience and mail it to their grandparents. This is useful not just with field trips but with all sorts of trips! Plus, having your child write what they remember most about that experience, gives their grandparents a glimpse into their grandchild’s world.

Art projects make excellent fridge décor! Next time your youngster breaks out the paper and paint, have them make something for Grandma or Grandpa. Send that in the next letter or package; every time they see their grandchild’s art work, they’ll be sure to think of them.

The sharing of pictures isn’t just for school pictures. Candid photos, family photos, pictures with their friends (with other parent’s permission of course), and special occasion photos will be thoroughly enjoyed by their grandparents. If they cannot make a special event, receiving pictures of that event will make them feel connected.

Are you afraid to let your child start dating? I don’t blame you, but what if they had a weekly phone date with Grandma and Grandpa? Make it extra special by fixing your child some tea and have her pretend it’s a Tea Party with Grandma. By scheduling the time for a date, your child will start saving up stories to share with their grandparents and look forward to hearing from them.

As a parent, you’re one of the greatest sources of information about their grandparents, so when you’re out and about as a family and you see something their grandparent would enjoy, mention that to your children. If you’re riding in a train car and you remember their grandfather was once a train conductor let your child hear those stories. Share whatever you can remember about them with your child!

In the end, it doesn’t matter how your family chooses to nurture a connection between your children and their grandparents, it’s simply important that you do. Don’t let distance be a deterrent in developing that relationship. Happy Grandparents Day!