Handmade With Love: Valentine's Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to show those special people in our lives just how much we love and appreciate them. But we don’t always have to spend a lot of money to make a big impact. In reality, some of the best gifts are the ones that come directly from the heart. And getting the kiddos involved is an added bonus; you’ll create handmade treasures and priceless memories all at the same time.

And it really doesn’t get much better than that.

Here are 3 simple Valentine's Day crafts to help get you in the Valentine’s spirit.

Metallic Heart Wall Art

Here’s what you’ll need: a blank canvas from your local craft store, 2 bottles of acrylic paint (your choice of colors), 1-2 sponge paint brushes, and a heart stencil (which can be printed from a simple Google search for free).

Here’s how you do it: take a pencil and lightly trace the heart stencil onto the blank canvas. Now get ready to paint. I would suggest filling in the heart first, allowing it to dry completely before filling in the background. This makes it easier to correct any accidental instances of painting outside the lines. The paint dries pretty quickly. Apply several coats of paint if desired.

I love this project because it is seriously so simple that a kid could do it. It could also be done for almost any holiday or occasion – think handmade nursery wall art. The number of free stencils and images you can find online is endless. You don’t have to be an artist to pull this off, and the end result is pretty incredible.

Watercolor Valentines

Here’s what you’ll need: blank cardstock from your local craft store (we used cream but you could use any color of your choosing), a Sharpie or marker, and some watercolor paints from the grocery store.

Here’s how you do it: using the watercolors, free paint the cardstock to achieve your desired result. Once the paint is dry, scrawl a heartfelt message using the Sharpie. Voila, a sweet and simple, handmade Valentine, ready to deliver.

This project is perfect for toddlers and those of us with the artistic sensibilities of a toddler – although you will probably want to use washable paint. I am speaking from experience here. These cards are perfect for passing out to preschool friends and for mailing to grandmas, grandpas, and loved ones both far and near.

Scrapbook Paper Garland

Here’s what you’ll need:  several sheets of scrapbook paper of various colors and patterns, scissors, a hole punch,  a heart stencil (which can be printed from a simple Google search for free), and some ribbon from your local craft store.

Here’s how you do it: trace the heart stencil onto each sheet of scrapbook paper, and then cut out the hearts. Use the hole punch to punch a hole in each heart. I would suggest punching all the holes at the same time, so that they are identical. I punched my holes at an angle because I thought it would be fun, but you can do it however you want. Next, you are going to string the ribbon through each heart’s hole. This is not an exact science. You can measure out the space between each heart if you’d like, or you can just eyeball it like I did. You will want to tie a knot after stringing each heart onto the ribbon, so that it will stay in place.

This is another one of those craft projects that could be recreated for several different holidays. Hang this garland from your mantle or a window – or create several garlands and hang them vertically from a doorframe or curtain rod for a fun and festive Valentines look. Simple and practical, this task is perfect for including your littles.

About the author: Born and raised in Southeast Texas, Jessica currently lives in Billings, Montana with her husband Tyler, her two year old daughter Savannah, and their newest addition Emma Kate (one year this month). Jessica graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. A blogger, writer, and photographer, Jessica works as a licensed Realtor for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Floberg Real Estate.