Tips to Tame the Gimmies This Holiday Season

In a world screaming “more, more, more!” how are we to instill contentment in our children and ourselves during the holiday season? How might we tame the gimmies that abound so mightily this time of year? When I was a little girl, my parents bought me The Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies and I still have it. It’s not seasonally centered, rather it’s about those day-to-day gimmies, so its message stands true for any time of the year. I read it to my children and truthfully it’s a great reminder for myself as well. But today our focus is on taming the gimmies during the holiday season, so we give you…

5 Tips to Tame the Gimmies this Holiday Season

  1. Give to someone in need. It’s so important to teach our children that there are needs to be met everywhere. By including them in the process of giving to others, we are teaching them a heart of gratitude and generosity. This year we did Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes. As my children watched the video of kids getting their boxes I saw the wheels turning in their brains and hopefully a seed was planted in their hearts that it is more blessed to give than receive.
  2. Place limits on the gifts you give them. This year, I plan to do four gifts for my kids. The categories are Want, Need, Wear and Read. I love the idea of not going over the top with tons of presents and really focusing on some meaningful gifts that they will treasure.
  3. Help them think of gifts for their family members. Whether it’s a trip to the dollar tree, the mall or a homemade item encourage your kids to think of special gifts for their family. Turning the focus off of themselves and onto the joy of giving to those they love.
  4. Make an Advent calendar. I found some great scripture verses to incorporate the true meaning of Christmas for the days leading up it. A great daily reminder to all of us this time of year.
  5. Don’t be afraid to disappoint.  I’m writing to myself on this one. I know firsthand how my Momma mind wants to spare my kids any disappointment on Christmas morning. However, it’s okay for them to be disappointed. It teaches them that we don’t always get everything we want. Disappointments happen in life and true joy comes not from stuff but from within.