"We're expecting!": Creative Ideas for Sharing Your Pregnancy News

December 2012

by rebecca stewart

You’ve waited, you’ve planned, you’ve – ahem - practiced, and finally that little white stick has given you the answer you’ve been hoping for. Now that you’re pregnant and the surprise and shock has worn off a bit (no matter how planned a pregnancy is, the reality of it is still surprisingly shocking), it’s time to decide when and how you want to share this exciting news with your loved ones. Some can’t contain themselves and share their news immediately, while others wait until that precious 12-week mark, but overwhelmingly expectant parents want the big announcement to be memorable.

Following we’ve got a medley of tried and true reveals from moms and grandmas (and future moms with big plans) as well as some from the mind of yours truly. From candy to onesies, expectant parents are thinking outside the box when sharing their big news.

  • M&Ms – Not only do they melt in your mouth, not in your hand, but they are also on hand to deliver some good news. Amber Case shares that thanks to the M&Ms website, they were able to create a one-of-a-kind message: Ten tiny fingers and toes and baby makes 4.
  • The “safe zone” happened to coincide with my birthday, so we invited both of our families (and a few friends) to our house for dinner, and my husband had my birthday cake made up to say, “Happy Birthday Rebecca! …P.S. We’re having a baby!”
  • Montana grandma, Lori Lincoln, remembers how her oldest daughter shared her exciting news: “On my birthday they gave me a present and when I opened it, it had a pink onesie and a blue onesie in it. Best present ever!”
  • Kara Thomae recalls how she clued her husband into their big news. She found a pair of tiny shoes that said, “I love daddy.”
  • One future mom has her sights on making the baby (and sex of baby) announcement via a cake that will tell all once it’s cut into with either pink or blue cake. It’s either that, she says, or “We’ll pack a box full of either blue or pink balloons and when we open it, that’s how we’ll tell everyone…As the balloons come floating out.”
  • Not your first baby? A fun way to include the future big brother or sister is having them don the “I’m going to be a big sister/brother” t-shirt.
  • You could also go with the personalized shirts, onesies, or other clothing item for other family members: “You’re going to be a…” (fill in the - grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle - blank).
  • Gift a framed picture of you and your significant other holding a sign that says “We’re having a baby!”

The ways in which expectant parents can share their exciting news are limitless, and with the Christmas season approaching; newly expecting parents have the opportunity to deliver the best surprise package of all time.

Did you come up with a unique way to share the good news? Let us know in the comments below.