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Up Your Organizational Game with These Apps

September 22, 2022

by carol evenson, guest contributor

Do you ever stop to wonder how parents kept schedules straight and everything organized in the days before technological help was literally placed directly in their hands? Luckily, in today's app-filled world, you have a number of easy-to-use organizational solutions just a download away. After all, that paper planner with handwritten notes isn't going to alert you to that morning meeting, afternoon doctor appointment or evening soccer practice. Today's parents are busier and more on the go than ever, so tracking down just the right apps to make your day-to-day a bit more streamlined might not be on the agenda. Here are some organizational app suggestions to keep you at the top of your family scheduling game.

Calendars To Keep Your Schedule at Your Fingertips

A calendar app is one of those must-have basics absolutely everyone needs on their phone, especially the busy parent. Thanks to efficient low code development processes, app developers have been able to create and launch a wide variety of calendar apps, meaning more choices in this category for you. When choosing which calendar app to commit to, decide what's important to you. Do you want an app that's easy to navigate with just the minimalist basics? Do you want something beautiful to look at each time you need to take a peek at the day's schedule?

A tried-and-true familiar favorite, Google Calendar is frequently at the top for a reason. It allows you to color-code different schedules and view them all together at once. If you're inviting others to a meeting or event, it makes that a cinch by allowing you to simply email all invitees.

If you're a planner who truly appreciates both form and function, Cal is an excellent scheduling app for you to check out. Adding on a more interactive feel, the app provides suggestions for those you might like to invite to events and plans. It pairs this with stunning layouts and eye-catching backgrounds. If you're quite the opposite and prefer something a bit more minimalist,  the Sunrise app is worth a look.

Apps To Simplify Family Shopping

Sometimes there's no chore that can trip you up and make your organization fall apart quite like shopping for a family, especially if multiple people in the household try to keep the home stocked. Luckily, there are apps to help you with that! Grocery iQ is a shopping app that allows you to share lists with others, so everyone's always in the loop on your family's current grocery needs. It also has several other helpful functions, such as coupons and barcode scanning so there's no need to toggle between multiple apps while trying to get the shopping done.

Another tricky component of shopping that can quickly get out of hand is the storage of receipts. This is where the About One app comes in and saves the day. This organization app allows you to store and organize documents, receipts and any other bits of info you might consider filing.

All-in-One Apps To Keep Everything Organized in One Place

Sometimes you simply want one app to do it all. There are so many benefits associated with being organized, so jump-start your own family's organizational habits with an app that makes staying on top of everything a breeze. This is an area where an app such as Cozi shines. This organizational masterpiece compiles all of your important daily needs, such as shopping lists, to-do lists and calendars, all in one place for simplified, easy viewing.

Being a more organized family equals being on time for appointments, meetings, practices, games and everything else that can come along with daily family life. Stressing a little less every day can be as easy as downloading a new organizational app and giving it a try.

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