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Unique Ways to Celebrate Mom This Mother’s Day

May 5, 2023

by cora gold, guest contributor

Moms are so busy they often forget to take care of themselves. Even when their children are grown and have moved out, their job is never really done. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to remember your mom and show her appreciation.

Make the day special for her by making plans as unique as she is. Go beyond the basic brunch and massage. Treat your mom to one of these awesome activities.

1. Start a Mother-Daughter Book Club

Go shopping together at a local bookstore for a book you can both enjoy. Let mom have the final choice. Once you have your book picked out, find a place to read together and just enjoy the silent camaraderie.

After an hour or so, take time to discuss what you read. Have a list of questions prepared to help you get started. Before you part ways, make sure you put the next book club meeting on your calendars. Having a firm date will help you continue this new tradition.

2. Finish Her To-Do List

Moms of any age have one thing in common: the never-ending to-do list. Help your mom out by asking her to write down her to-do list. Either tackle it yourself or enlist other family members to knock it out for her. Take care of household chores, errands, home maintenance, yard work, or anything else that would be helpful.

Most importantly, do not let her help. It will be her instinct to pitch in with everyone else. Come prepared with a strategy. Send her out shopping with a friend, draw her a bubble bath, book her a spa day, or lock her in her room for some required TV binging. Anything that would bring her joy and relaxation is fair game.

3. Watch Home Movies

Mother’s Day is a perfect time to reminisce over old home videos. Let her narrate her favorite bits and tell you stories – even if you have heard them a million times. Ask questions and laugh together at the time Great Uncle John’s hair piece fell on the cat.

If you want to make this day extra special for your mom, transfer your VHS tapes onto DVDs or digitize them. Not confident in your own technical skills? Send your tapes to be professionally transferred.

4. Write Her a Letter

Most mail nowadays consists of junk mail and bills, neither of which is a Mother’s Day treat. Send her something special this year: a hand-written letter from you. It doesn’t really matter what you write, as long as it’s meaningful and from the heart. Mail it with plenty of time to spare so you know it’ll get delivered on time.

Remember to place a “Do not open till Mother’s Day” warning on the back of the envelope so it stays a surprise. As an added bonus, you could put your plans for Mother’s Day in the letter. When she opens it, she’ll get the gift of your letter and a fun adventure to get excited about.

5. Design a Custom Gift

Some moms may seem like they have it all. They only need so many #1 Mom mugs and throw blankets. If you really want to treat Mom with a present this year, consider giving her a customized gift. 

Go beyond the standard heart-shaped necklace by working with a jeweler to create a design that will reflect her style and personality. Put together a scrapbook of all of your favorite photos, rather than gifting a digital picture frame. Assemble a gift basket with all of her favorite snacks and drinks. The extra effort will make her feel truly seen. 

6. Make a Coupon Book

Remember when you were little and you made Mom that adorable little book of coupons? You promised her things like a quiet hour to herself, picking up all your toys, date night with Dad, and breakfast in bed. Bring back this tradition and make a slightly more grown-up version.

Include coupons for time spent with you doing your favorite activities, lunch at a local restaurant, a night of drinks and dancing, or pulling weeds for her. Fill the coupon book with things that will bring her joy throughout the year as she turns them in.

7. Go Thrifting and Upcycle

Home DIY projects are such a fun activity – even better when the materials are cheap or free. Head to your local thrift stores and dig for little treasures. Go armed with your phones and plenty of creative juices to find your diamond in the rough. Search online for some inspiration projects if you get stuck.

Generally, wooden furniture, picture frames, mirrors, and baskets are great for upcycling projects. Once you find your muse, gather the other supplies you will need and get to work. Help each other create beautiful new pieces for her home. Or, exchange finished projects at the end.

8. Help Her Start a New Hobby

Has your mom hinted at a new hobby that she’s been longing to try? Take today to help get her started. Buy her the supplies she would never have purchased herself, dive in, and try the hobby together.

If she doesn’t know what she would like to try, spend the day going to different classes like cooking, pottery, painting, or ceramics. If you don’t have these classes available in your area, look online for some you can take together. You would be surprised by the number of options out there.

Whatever You Choose, Be Present

This list is just a small sample of activities to share with your mom. Plan your day with something special that’s unique to her. Adjust your schedule so you can focus your full attention on her and give her the pampering she deserves. And remember: spending this time together is a gift for both of you. Treat it that way.

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