Unique Screen-Free Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy

April 12, 2023

by cora gold, guest contributor

Like many families, you might find yourselves glued to your screens every night. Whether it be parents working overtime or kids playing video games, screentime can take away from precious family time. If you’re looking for a change of pace, try some of these unique, screen-free activities the whole family can enjoy. 

1. Learn a Language Together

Children can learn a second language as quickly and easily as they learn to walk. Learning a new language may be more challenging for adults, but you can spend time together doing something else while listening to audio tapes that teach you the basics. Then, you can all practice together.

2. Work on a Chore Chart

Cleaning can be fun. Encourage your household to clean separate areas of the home. The first person finished with their area wins and gets to pick a family dinner location or theme. Make sure the chores are age-appropriate.

3. Act Out a Book

Think of your family's favorite books to read together. Your kids might know Oh, the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss since it's the best-selling children's book with hundreds of thousands of copies sold. No matter their favorite, pick one they know by heart. Then, encourage the family to dress up and act out scenes from the story as they remember them. It can yield some funny results!

4. Design With Oven-Bake Clay

Challenge your family to create decorations or practical items for the home using oven-bake clay. You might make a ring holder or a small dish, while others may create a little plant or matching charms for everyone in the family. The best part is that, after you bake it, you have something to treasure forever.

5. Start a Family Band

Let everyone in the family pick an instrument they want to learn. Ensure kids know the basics of the instruments they choose, like how to tune a guitar before playing each time or how to handle the strings. After a few lessons of learning the basics, your family can work on playing songs together.

6. Try a New Recipe

If you’re bored by regular dinner ideas, go thrift shopping or flea market hopping with your family. Find some old cookbooks and pick out old recipes to try. You'll be surprised by just how good they can taste, and something may just become a new staple for your weeknight meals.

7. Rediscover Old Things

Now is your chance to declutter. Pick one closet a week and go through it with your whole family. They may find things from the past they want to reminisce over, and the experience can feel freeing for any family who feels like they're holding onto junk or doesn't know where certain items are.

8. Take a Drive

Many people only pay attention to the destination rather than the journey. Turn the GPS off and see where your car and imagination take you. Your family can watch through the windows and admire the beauty all around them, whether in nature or downtown. Just make sure not to drive too close to bedtime, as sleepiness can affect your driving ability and make it less safe for your family.

9. Grow a Pizza Garden

No, you can't actually grow pizza from the ground — but you can grow toppings. Work with your family to plant and take care of basil, tomato, peppers and more, depending on what you like, from the comfort of your home or backyard. Harvest the ingredients from your garden and create homemade pizzas the whole family will love.

Have Fun With the Whole Family

Spending time together as a family can be a treat that not everyone gets to experience all the time, thanks to busy schedules. These fun, unique ideas will have your whole household jumping at the chance to spend time with one another. Try these activities the next time someone in your family complains about a regular old movie night. You might just learn something new.

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