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Transitioning from Stay-At-Home Mom to Full-Time Career

August 16, 2022

by carol evenson, guest contributor

Once upon a time, years ago, you took a break. You had babies and wanted to give them your full attention. Parenting, in of itself, is a full-time career demanding your focus, love, and nurturing. During that time, you managed a house, chased kids around, and ensured their well-being on a 24-hour basis. Those efforts were all well worth it but took you away from the career you also adored.

Now those kiddos are heading off to school, and you're ready to head back to work. Transitioning from mom to working mom is a big step. As you move into this new phase, planning things out is essential as you best determine how to create a balance between home and work. The following tips will help you pick a job that works for your lifestyle and find a way to enjoy both mom and work life.

Consider Your Why

When you stepped back, you had goals and reasons. Your kids needed you, and you wanted to be home with them. Start this journey by asking yourself why it's time to go back and what you want to get out of the process. Write out your new reasons. Do you want to be around adults more? Are you missing office life? You may even want to pay for projects and vacations or build your kids' college funds. You don't need to validate the reasons; know them and own them.

Reflect on Job Possibilities

Research careers that match your aspirations. It may be time, after all, to try something new: something that works better for the working mom's life. For instance, are you struggling with positions? Learn more about the differences between a data engineer vs software engineer. Find out what each pays, the hours involved, and the type of tasks the positions tackle. Decide what career supplies enough personal satisfaction.

Peruse online job sites like Indeed or LinkedIn. Read business expectations, and learn about salaries and hour demands. Additionally, decide if you want a full-time office or flexible remote days. Match the job to your lifestyle.

Fill in Educational Gaps

If you're entering a competitive field, take some classes. Student loans could help you bolster your resume and show you're up on the latest information and innovations in the industry. This step shows your sincere interest in doing well and keeping pace with current trends when you sit for interviews.

If you're interested in making a career change, this moment is a perfect opportunity. Look into local or online programs that allow you to take classes while at home, giving you a leg up on the job application process.

Network with People You Know

Tell people you want back into the workforce. Give them logical and valid reasons saying that you now have the time and commitment to give to a full-time position. Reach out to former employers, asking for help finding jobs or acting as a reference. Talk to neighbors and associates too. You may find they know of jobs at their companies and would be eager to see you join their forces.

Prepare a Resume

Craft the resume to highlight your past working experience and anything you've done while at home. It's okay to mention organizations and leadership positions that involve your children. Did you work for the parent-teacher organization? Did you run the cookie sales for your daughter's troop? These tasks show organization, financial management, and leadership. Also, don't forget to include your extra classes or degrees.

Prepare for the gap questions. Employers may ask why you haven't been in the field. You can share with them that you stayed home with the kids, or you may say you needed to step out for a bit.

Be proud of your time at home, and get excited about returning to work. Being a mom is a hard job, trying to balance it all. Stepping back into the office is a chance to focus on yourself. Embrace it. Take the time to bolster your resume, review your ideal job and establish your goals.

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