Tips to Help Parents Cope When Dealing With Mental Health

January 8, 2022

by carol evenson

Mental health is a serious concern that often goes overlooked for far too long. There is a sense of shame over seeking help that should not be present. The state of your mental wellbeing is just as important as your physical health, especially when you are a parent. If you are dealing with mental health concerns, it can be tough to fulfill all of your family obligations while still taking care of yourself so you can get better. 

Thankfully, the stigma surrounding mental health is beginning to fade as more people recognize the need to talk about it openly. There are better treatment options and support available now than ever before. If you are struggling in any way, know that you aren't alone and it is possible to feel better and get your life back. Mental health issues can be serious, so you should always reach out for professional help. There are also ways you can make life easier on yourself. Read these tips for some suggestions on how to cope as you heal.

Open Up Communication

If you are experiencing mental health concerns, it's likely that your mood and behavior have been affected in some way. Many people feel sad or angry. Some have no energy to complete essential daily tasks. 

Your children are very observant and have probably noticed that something is different. Talk to them about what is happening to alleviate their worries and reassure them. Older children can understand and handle more details, but even younger children can understand if told that you aren't feeling well.

Create a Calming Environment

The environment that you spend time in can greatly affect your state of mind and wellbeing. Create a calming atmosphere that will help to soothe your anxiety and uplift your mood. Use simple but effective techniques such as essential oils from the D Gary Young company.

Diffuse some lavender to promote calm and help you sleep. Lemon can energize you and help you feel happier. Choose one or more oils that you enjoy and make a point to use them on a daily basis. You can also dilute the oil of your choice and keep it in a rollerball for a quick and easy application and instant mood lift. 


Depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns can leave you feeling drained and depleted. Recognize that it's okay to make some changes to your home routine to give you more time for the important things.

Use your time to handle the necessities like preparing meals, helping your kids with homework, getting ready for school, and bedtime routines. Spend time together playing, reading a book, or just being close. Make your relationship with your family the most important priority. The love and support you give each other are some of the key factors that will help you both navigate through this difficult time. 

Develop Coping Techniques

It's normal to have moments where your emotions run high. You should prepare some coping measures in advance so that you can utilize your go-tos whenever needed. These can be simple breathing techniques for when your anxiety is heightened or using your five senses to notice your surroundings and ground yourself. 

Take Time for Self-Care

Providing for your kids and ensuring that all their needs are met is essential. And so is taking care of yourself. Make sure that you leave yourself enough time each day to devote to self-care. This can take any form that is helpful, such as a relaxing bath, a walk, or journaling about your feelings. You will be able to be more present and available for your children when you take time to decompress and recharge each day. 

Ask for Help from Your Loved Ones

When you are having a difficult time, reach out to your family and friends for support. They will most likely be happy to help and just want some direction from you to see what you need. Arrange for a friend to pick your children up after school or practice. Ask for help doing meal prep for the week so you have easy options ready to heat and serve. It doesn't matter what the task is that you need help with, just that you let yourself get assistance. 

Stop Judging Yourself

One of the biggest concerns with any mental health problem is the tendency to blame yourself or compare how you are coping to others. Remember that it is okay to not feel your best. You don't need to be perfect, so release any self-judgment and just do the best you can. 

Take action to improve your mental health before another day goes by. Everyone has periods of time in their life where they are down and things aren't going according to plan. Use the tools you have at your disposal to feel better and reach out for help whenever you need it. With the right support and desire to change, you can improve your circumstances for yourself and your family. 

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