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Tips from Top Designers: The Ultimate Kitchen Makeover Guide in 2022

September 7, 2022

by Mollie Anderson, guest contributor

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of a home, and for a good reason. Of course, the kitchen is the place from where all that you need to satiate your demanding tastebuds generate. But more than that, they are the center of our daily lives and routines. The kitchen takes different forms based on the family's changing needs. It reflects everything the family goes through - the struggles, the priorities, and goals. That’s how important a kitchen is for any family. 

So, when you decide to give your kitchen a makeover, you cannot treat it as another kitchen remodeling project.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. That’s why it is essential to decorate your kitchen to suit your personal needs and tastes. Having information about the latest trends in the world of design can provide you with a deep insight into how best to remodel and revitalize your space. Finding an existing idea that meets your aesthetic needs and budget is vital.

Custom Organizers

You don’t have to give in to a kitchen designed more for storage and less for style. Designers are focused on making spaces that offer utility and creativity. You can get the best of both worlds – a space with high functional value and looks great too. The popularity of functional organizers is surging globally, with more homeowners preferring built-in storage solutions to meet their unique needs.

People want to feel comfortable working in the kitchens and have ample space to take them through the needs of their day. From having a cozy nook to work or sipping an uplifting expresso to enjoying the custom-made ranges in spacious settings can be genuinely invigorating and satisfying for the folks who manage the kitchen.

Slabs That Make a Statement

Designers and homeowners want to instill every available space with a stamp of their personality. In 2022, this perspective extends beyond cabinet colors and hardware brands and settles on the countertop material, which has a penchant for grabbing attention. It is apparent from recent studies that a third of homeowners doing a kitchen renovation chose to spend a fair amount of the remodeling budget on countertops. The hot favorites are quartz and granite.

Modern designers recommend bold countertop selections to make the kitchen design come alive. The trend is to move away from white or plain colored products and settle for splashier and prominently veined quartzites and marble stones.

Imperfect Finishes 

It is normal to look for kitchen products that provide a high-class, high-gloss finish and contribute to that perfect-looking kitchen. But in 2022, that stance is changing with homeowners looking for kitchen products that grab attention but do not necessarily have that perfect finish. Designers are recommending fixtures and finishes that offer a well-worn, lived-in appeal. Some popular trends are gray paint tones, handmade, rustic-looking tiles, and unlacquered brass finishes. The goal is to create an antiquated look even if it was built recently.

Designers expect the trend of moving from the perfect polished stone to more natural-looking items to continue in 2022 and beyond. Homeowners love these imperfect finishes as they bring a sense of organic warmth to the kitchen.

Going Creative With Colors

If white is your favorite color for the kitchen, don’t panic when you read this. White kitchens will always be in style, so stick to it if that’s your vibe. However, if you want something in line with 2022 designs, you can experiment with colors and emerge a winner.

2022 kitchen remodeling is getting sleeker and bolder in kitchens, with color ranges getting more experimental and more aggressive. Everything, from built-ins to appliances, is getting colorful in a creative way. The options are endless if you have decided to move beyond white. 

Modern designs incorporate a lot of green and even yellow, but you are free to explore a full range of colors and materials.

Out-of-the-Box Cabinet Profiles

Similar to white color palettes, conventional cabinet profiles are tough to discard even when planning a kitchen makeover in 2022. However, those cabinet profiles are passe now. With their immense flexibility and timelessness, unique cabinet profiles are becoming hugely popular. More designers are willing to take risks when it comes to the profile and shape of the kitchen cabinetry.

Modern cabinet designs are moving away from the conventional as homeowners are increasingly preferring out-of-the-box cabinet designs. Kitchen makeover specialists are introducing more innovative design features and dimensions to kitchen cabinets. These designs make the kitchen stand apart as a piece of art. 

Your kitchen makeover plan need not follow a conventional or predictable pattern.  It is important to remember that your kitchen must look stunning and also be a functional space. Take some time to decide your priorities and create a layout accordingly. Once you have dealt with the layout, get the best designer to give your kitchen a dream makeover by using fresh ideas and creative approaches. 

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