The Gift of Health- CrossFit Billings

December 1, 2019

by katie jones backer | photos by jana graham photography

The holidays are here… and so are the Christmas cookies! Does anyone else feel like they need to kick up their workouts? If you're looking to mix it up or give a unique gift this year, stop into CrossFit Billings! The atmosphere and impact on your health and overall well-being will be so worth it. Allow yourself to become, as the CrossFit Billings motto says, “better than yesterday.” Why wait until January to get healthy? Give yourself the gift of health this holiday season.

The CrossFit Billings gym takes fitness—strength and conditioning workouts—to an entirely new level. If you’re looking for an introduction to CrossFit, this is the place to start. Owners Yurii and Kerry Hanson know firsthand the powerful effects that CrossFit can have in transforming one’s body, and most importantly, one’s life. The Hanson's were both active before (they met as personal trainers in a gym), but it wasn't until Yurii convinced Kerry to start a “garage gym” using CrossFit techniques, that the idea, and “the magic” as he puts it, happened.

Soon after, Yurii left his fire service career, and Kerry left her massage therapy practice, deciding to go "all-in on the gym." CrossFit Billings opened nearly eleven years ago, and it has continued to grow in numbers, reputation, and impact. Their practice not only equips people physically but also mentally. Yurii shared, “CrossFit is the most effective program for preparing people to handle anything that life could throw their way. This program is literally for everyone. Our goal is not to be good in the gym, but rather, in life. That might look like prolonging the ability to live independently and having the energy to keep up with grandkids, feeling energized, and keeping up with the demands of life with kids and schedules, or needing high levels of fitness to perform your job like firefighting.”

The active couple with physical training backgrounds has set the standard for maintaining a high level of education, training, and coaching in their facility. According to the Hansons, “CrossFit Billings stands apart from any other gym in our community for a number of reasons. One example is our level of coaching. We are the most qualified and best trainers in the region. We continually work to hone our craft in educating and inspiring our clients to maximize their lives through health and fitness. We meet everyone where they are in their fitness journey, and we work hard to help clients become better than yesterday." 

All that said, you may be thinking, "okay, but there's still no way I’m trying that!” It sounds downright intimidating to some, especially if you've fallen off the health wagon. The beauty of CrossFit, though, and what I felt was authentically imparted by the Hansons, was that it is truly a program for everyone—of all ages and fitness backgrounds. Made easier because of the warm atmosphere they have fostered. Kerry shared, “We have heard it all, 'That's too intense' or 'I can’t do that.' What you will actually find when you walk through our doors are normal people who look like your grandma, dad, daughter—in fact, our oldest member is 81-years-old!” It’s impressive how well Kerri knows her members! This reveals what a close-knit environment CrossFit Billings is. “We all remember our first day walking through the door, and I believe that is why we greet everyone with an encouraging smile. We welcome new members to the gym as part of our family,” Kerry continued.

Don’t just take their word for it. Member, Karin Thorgramson, gushed, “CrossFit Billings is a great environment to work out in. The coaches are all fantastic and helpful. If you are intimidated by CrossFit, don't be, this gym works with beginners very well. If you are looking for a great gym with friendly staff, this is the place for you!”

Now, if that’s beginning to sound a little better, but you're still feeling apprehensive, another excellent opportunity is group fitness. This is a great way to get introduced to CrossFit… and you can bring a friend! “Elements is our on-ramp course designed for someone first joining the gym.” Beyond that, there are a variety of classes available from: CrossFit Masters (55+ years old), Bootcamp, CrossFit Teens and CrossFit Kids, and private and semi-private personal training sessions.

If the idea of CrossFit sounds intriguing for yourself or a friend, keep in mind that they offer gift certificates and have a punch card system. So, as you nibble sugary treats this Christmas season, give the gift of health to YOURSELF and to OTHERS by stepping up your fitness game. As the Hansons concluded, “If you are sitting there stuck thinking you can’t do it, quit listening to the lies and reach out. We would love to help you re-write your story!”

You can learn more about CrossFit by visiting www.crossfitbillings.com or stopping by 1428 Grand Ave. Check out their Instagram page for more member success stories. 

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Originally printed in the December 2019 issue of Simply Family Magazine

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