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September 1, 2019 | by stephanie toews

We caught up with Carolee McCall-Smith, Co-Owner and Interior Designer at McCall Homes, to visit about their beautiful 2019 Farmhouse Parade Home and her passion for designing stylish and functional homes. 

What sets McCall Homes apart from the rest?

I think there are quite a few things. One of which is the character of our homes. We have livable designs that are distinctive and reflect historic architecture. I spend a lot of time imagining what living in each of our floor plans would be like to ensure we're designing homes for real life.

What inspires you creatively?

I love old houses, but they don't always function the way we like to live today. I enjoy trying to capture the character of old homes, while really speaking to today's lifestyle. For instance, a hundred years ago, kitchens were small and secluded. Today, they're the focal point of the home. My job is finding the balance between modern convenience and traditional character.

What are your favorite design elements in this home?

I love the mix of textures. I feel like texture is often an overlooked element when people are designing and decorating. This home has a very subdued color palette, so it really relies on texture found in things like brick, live edge wood, and shiplap to make it feel dynamic.

Do you have a design tip or trick to share?

It's easy to make something beautiful using only designer pieces, but that isn't accessible to most people. More expensive isn't synonymous with better, that's why I like to showcase a style that is realistic for people to create.

What are the words you live by?

Does that have to sit on the countertop? I hate things sitting on the countertops (coffee pots, toasters. Etc.) My husband says I'm in a 'concealment phase.' I'm pretty sure I've always been this way, so it's a lifelong concealment phase!

What's your favorite color?

I've always been most drawn to grays and aquas, which happen to be the most popular colors right now. I'm enjoying myself in the current trends. When things move back to the browns, I'm going to have a hard time.

What's your overall design philosophy?

Design around your life; don't try to live around your design. When buying and arranging your furniture, be sure to first consider how you want the room to function. If you intend for a room to be used for family movie nights, arrange your furniture to nurture that. Some people may not have a TV and would prefer for their living room to be set up to foster conversation. We all live differently, but in the end, your home can be comfortable and beautiful at the same time. 

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