Moms: Wellness Tips to Find Balance During The Holidays

December 17, 2021

by juliet kimball

Finding a way to balance it all during the holidays can be challenging. From the demands of your family to making your children’s wishes come true, there seems to be a never-ending list of things to take care of in your busy household. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is a lot for any mom to take care of. Therefore, it is important that you are able to find ways to manage your own family’s needs as well as your own personal wellness. In order to manage it all, read on to discover practical tips for moms to find balance during the holidays. 

Stick to a Routine

Maintaining your household routine even during the holidays is important for keeping things on track. It's okay if you have to deviate a little from your usual routine, but make sure you stay consistent and stick to a regular schedule. This can help your family accomplish what needs to be done, and not take on too much. For instance, your children may be distracted by all the holiday movies available, or be tempted to spend their time looking at the latest toys or tech gadgets. Make sure they are completing their tasks, as usual, ensure they are doing their homework, sitting down together as a family for dinner, and going to bed on time. The same goes for mom too. Make sure that you are not going to bed too late or getting off too early. Try to exercise as you usually do, stay healthy by eating healthy, and don't let the holidays get in your way of staying on track.

Strive to Simplify

The holidays can present families with so many choices. It can be hard to choose the proper gift to give, which side of the family to visit, or how to fit in all the family outings. It's important that you strive to simplify your holidays as much as you can. Oftentimes the simpler, the better—giving you more time to focus on the sweet moments that really count. Simplifying where you can will help you to reduce stress. Bring this approach to all aspects of your holiday planning. For instance, instead of guessing and stressing over what your family members may want, encourage them to use a wish list app to choose their favorites. Then you can easily and quickly shop online to get gift buying out of the way. Also, don't hold yourself to too much. You can only do so much. Don't hesitate to try to order some takeout, buy some healthy pre-made meals for the kids, assign tasks to your children, or rely on your spouse to take care of some things you need to have done.

Treat Yourself 

Although, you may be anxiously waiting to receive a beloved gift from your significant other or children, don’t wait! Treat yourself ahead of time, and give yourself a much-needed break. Spoil yourself with a treat that has a purpose. Perhaps you can find time to get your hair done or unwind by the fireplace with a glass of wine. Or maybe you could recreate your own spa day right at home, and give yourself a mommy makeover. You could get yourself a foot massager, some new cosmetics, or take the time to focus on your beauty routine. You could try relaxing by trying out a makeup look you often don’t have time to put on as a mom or by applying an anti-aging cream with tretinoin to help smooth your skin and bolster a glowing complexion. Why not show off your new look and watch a romantic holiday movie with your spouse?

Disconnect for the Day

You can easily become wrapped up in the holidays if it seems like your entire household is revolving around it. Therefore, it is important to put a pause on the planning and disconnect for the day from holiday related logistics. You and your family will benefit from this practice. Instead, sit down as a family and just enjoy each other's company. Ask each other about how work or school is going. You could even play a board game, or watch a family program. Just doing something you all enjoy and disconnecting from the holiday planning can really do wonders for each other.

When trying to balance all your family's needs this holiday season, remember to keep things simple. Rely on tools, and strategies to help make things easier to tackle, and most importantly do what you can to embrace personal wellness practices. Even the busiest mom should find time to integrate self-care into the day to day. Taking care of your personal wellness and mental health can help you enjoy a peaceful season and truly find balance.

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