Let Kids Be Kids with "lokks"

December 11, 2020 | by anna rogers

It's a tale as old as time: kids are having a blast doing what kids do best – playing. Whether it’s hide-and-seek or freeze tag, basketball or soccer, running through the snow or playing on the playground, shoes are always coming untied right in the middle of all the fun!

No kid wants to push the pause button on the fun, or even worse, have to find a parent to help retie their shoelaces. Luckily, Allyson McTear, mother of four, created a fun and effective product to keep kids’ laces tied – lokks!

Lokks come in creative designs – sparkly hearts, sports balls, and eyeballs – and snap on easily to keep shoes tied through all the fun kids encounter in their day. And parents benefit too!

“As a mom of four, I have tied and retied shoelaces countless times, loosened triple knots with my teeth and hoped for the best as I watched my kids run around with untied laces!” says founder Allyson McTear. “I created lokks as a fun, expressive way to keep shoelaces tied and kids on the go! Tested and loved by kids, parents, teachers and coaches everywhere!”

These spunky little clips are sure to be a hit with your family and make a wonderful stocking stuffer! Grab some lokks today and take a break from your parental role of “official shoe tie-er,” and give your kids the gift of un-interrupted fun!

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