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How to Keep Your Kids Actively Occupied & Creatively Engaged All Summer Long

April 12, 2022

by kevin gardner, guest contributor

Summer is a season filled with possibilities and summer fun. While you can let them sit on their devices, this minimizes the vast possibilities that the summer season could present. Not to mention that it wastes valuable time that you can spend as a family. Take this opportunity to tap into your little’s one’s creative energy and give them the best summer yet. If you are looking to engage your child’s intellect, creative energy and passions this summer, here are a few ideas that are bound to invigorate all areas of their mind.

Movement-Based Activities

You may be surprised at the impact that physical activity and exercise can have on creativity. If you want to harness the power of your child’s mind and help them be more creative, incorporate movement-based activities. Whether your pool construction brings their swimming dreams to life, you incorporate a morning or evening yoga practice, or you have daily dance parties, make sure that you get their small bodies moving. This can give them the focus and intrigue to ignite their little creative minds.

Take a Class/Go to Camp

While classes may be the last thing that your child wants to do during the summertime, taking a class can be a valuable and enriching experience (especially if it comes in the form of a summer camp!). Whether you try a creative form of expression like an art class, tap into their right brain with lessons on new languages, or test your skills in the kitchen with culinary classes, there are fun ways to incorporate learning. Not to mention that learning can be fun and a wonderful way to bring families together.

Incorporate STEAM

Learning can be so much more than classroom activities, tests and assignments. Take this summer to tap into their exploratory and eager energy to teach them something invigorating. The world of science, technology, engineering, art and math can be so much more than rudimentary, uninspiring lessons. Whether you use discovery kits, STEAM crafts or venture outside of your home to explore, there are plenty of fun-filled ways to incorporate STEAM for the whole family.

Explore Stories

If you want to harness the power of your child’s energy and creativity, stories can be a powerful tool. You can learn so much about the world, the perspectives of others, and your life through storytelling. Let your child expand their mind and tap into their imagination by filling their summer with stories. Incorporate a weekly visit to the library or host a tiny library for your neighborhood. You can even add a summer reading goal to add some additional excitement to the experience. As a family, you can talk through what you have learned and take the time to reflect on the stories together.

Take Adventures as a Family

When you have kids, quality time as a family is important for their development. There is no better way than to take a trip and embark on an adventure together. Whether you have read about different regions and want to see them in person or want to up the ante and engage in something that will make your heart race, this is the season to embrace that adventure. If you want to have an epic summer, fill it with adventures that can bring your family together. Regardless of what adventure you choose, you’ll be filled with memories, laughter and love from the experience that will feel life-changing.

When you are considering how you will spend your time this upcoming summer season, you’d be remiss if you didn’t fill it with creative, energizing adventures. Don’t let your kids miss out on what summer could truly be and instead, bring out all of the stops with these exciting opportunities. Help them make the most of the season with these memory-making ideas.

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