Warm Winter Babies: How to Keep Baby Safe and Warm This Winter

November 1, 2019 | by anna rogers

Winter is cold, but that doesn’t mean baby should be stuck inside without a chance to enjoy the crisp air and sparkly snow. Bringing baby along on outdoor adventures is the perfect way to instill a love of Montana winters at an early age. Warmth and safety are top priorities when taking your precious cargo out into extreme temperatures!

With smart layering, waterproof gear, and warm coats that are safe for the car seat, your baby will be ready to discover the world around while remaining cozy and comfortable. Check out these tips and products for keeping your little one safe and warm this season.

Wool Base Layers

Did you know? Putting cotton on baby’s skin as a base layer is a no-no! The layer touching the skin (for babies and adults) in severe cold weather should be a wicking material. Merino Wool is a perfect solution – soft on baby’s skin with incredible wicking properties that will keep baby warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Merino wool is also highly resistant to odor-causing bacteria, meaning baby can wear the garment many times before it needs to be washed!

Invest in one or two Merino wool base layers – bodysuit + pants, top and bottoms, or an all-in-one garment. This can be worn as a base layer under other clothes, or on its own as pajamas. Baby will get so much wear out of this piece, justifying the higher price point. And remember – your little one can wear it over and over before requiring a wash! 

Warm Feet


The outer shell of baby’s attire is just as important as the base layers. The best outerwear for babies is warm and functional. If you are out and about in the winter months, a warm down jacket will keep your little one cozy, but many heavy winter coats are NOT safe to wear in car seats. 

L.L.Bean also offers warm, compressible down jackets in infant sizes.

Originally printed in the November 2019 issue of Simply Family Magazine

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